The Power of Housing: A Foundation for Life

At Volunteers of America, we believe a key component to ending homelessness is stable, affordable housing.  From its beginnings more than a century ago, Volunteers of America has believed in the power of housing as the foundation for life. 

Without a safe place to call home, life’s other obligations become secondary.  How might one be prepared for work or a job interview without a good night’s rest or a place to bathe?  How might a child focus on homework and school?

Volunteers of America recognizes these challenges and makes housing a priority.  Through transitional housing for men and veterans, apartment search liaisons and rental assistance for families, affordable housing for low-income adults and specially designed affordable housing units for seniors and those with disabilities, housing is central to Volunteers of America’s mission to ending homelessness.

And we know what we’re doing.  Volunteers of America is one of the largest nonprofit developers and providers of affordable housing in the country, housing nearly 25,000 people in more than 16,000 affordable housing units each year.  You can help by providing Welcome Home Kits for homeless veterans, men and families as they move into their new apartments.