The Perfect Wedding Gift

Yes, it’s still wedding season. And by now, you’re probably pretty much tapped out on outfit ideas, plus ones, and some good gifting inspiration. How many cake plates, toasters, blenders, and tea towels can you even stand to look at? Maybe the bride and groom gave you a registry’s worth of ideas to go off of, and maybe they didn’t. OR maybe they’re one of those charitable couples that requested philanthropic gifts in lieu of even more dishes and kitchenware. Either way, we have the perfect wedding present in mind (and it’s far more meaningful than yet another vase).

Say “I Do” to an Ohio Car Donation

Make an auto donation in the newlywed couple’s name. Charitable donations as weddings gifts are on the rise, a trend we’re happy to report. And it’s a thoughtful gift for many reasons. It starts the new marriage off on a charitable note, honors a cause they may hold dear, and adds even more meaning to this already-special occasion. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio dedicates its efforts to supporting the rehabilitation of veterans in need. We offer counseling for substance abuse and career development as well as housing solutions for individuals and families. And what better way to honor this newly formed family than to give, in their name, to another family in need? It adds even more heart to a day devoted to love and happiness and gives the couple one more thing to smile about.

Copyright: scis65 / 123RF Stock Photo

And There's Something in it For You, Too

Better than any party favor you could possibly hope to get, or bouquet you might hope to catch, your car donation secures you a healthy tax deductible. The newlyweds get the honor, you get the cash, and it could wind up being more than you’d get from selling your car on Craigslist. And what’s more? It’s way easier! Selling it online means dropping it off and/or haggling over a price. It’s so much simpler to donate your car in Cleveland through our online request form. Schedule a free and easy pick-up today and spend almost zero effort having it hauled away. We accept cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs – pretty much anything with a motor will do. And it serves your community in ways you never thought possible.

Here's to the Future!

The toasts have been made, the first dance has commenced, and the cake has been cut. The memories will last a lifetime, and so will your thoughtful contribution. Can you think of a better way to celebrate a new beginning than to contribute to the future of someone in need? We can’t. Congratulations to the bride and groom, and to you for making the right gifting decision!