The Best Repurposed Thrift Store Art Ever

Repurposed bad art is giving rise to a whole genre of art that is simply amazing. Thrift stores in Columbus, Ohio contain lots of art to transform.

If you've ever stepped foot inside a thrift store, in Columbus or otherwise, you've laid eyes on art that is reminiscent of hotel lobbies and grandma's basement. The scenes depicted are often wholly unremarkable and that's part of the reason thrift stores are full of them – people tire of this unimpressive art adorning their walls, so they donate it.

Some artists, however, are able to find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. The following artists have all found inspiration in their local thrift shops. By adding their own unique touches to the art found in thrift stores, they transform mundane scenes into sensational landscapes that are as entertaining as they are inspiring.

Next time you peruse a thrift store in Columbus, you might just be inspired to transform your own piece of art into something truly original and amusing.

7 Times Artists Transformed Thrift Store Art Into Hilarious Repurposed Masterpieces

1. Thyrza Segal

Thyrza Segal transforms the boring paintings common to nearly every thrift store in the world by adding monsters. Thyrza inserts fanged, winged and many-eyed monsters to thrift shop paintings to hilarious effect.

2. Chris McMahon

Chris McMahon injects his brand of hilarity into discarded thrift store landscape paintings by painting monsters into otherwise tranquil scenes, and it's as if the monsters were always intended to be there.

3. Dave Pollot

Dave Pollot describes his work: "I find discarded prints and paintings (ones you may have inherited from great grandma and brought to your local donation bin), and make additions. Sometimes I paint monsters, other times zombies, and most times some pop culture reference- Star Wars, Futurama, Ghostbusters, Mario Brothers...the list goes on."

4. Banksy

In 2013, a painting by the elusive street artist Banksy sold for $615,000 at auction. Two months after purchasing the painting for $50, Banksy added a man in Nazi uniform and his signature and then donated the piece back to the thrift shop saying that he wanted the painting to be auctioned to support the organization's mission of providing support to homeless patients living with HIV/AIDS.

5. David Irving

David Irving, aka The Gnarled Branch, calls his thrift store transformations "Re-Directed Art." His goal for every piece is to give "…these neglected, awaiting potential landfill paintings…a second chance [at] being enjoyed by collectors worldwide."

6. Ashley Hackshaw

Ashley Hackshaw, aka Lil Blue Boo, loves to scoop up something no longer loved by someone else and to transform it into something uniquely her own. Not a fan of the southwestern flair of this thrift store painting, Ashley turned these racing horses into a pop art, stenciled work of modern art. She even made a tutorial so you can do it, too.

7. Mike Wellins

Mike Wellins, an artist from The Pecularium in Portland, Oregon, describes his thrift store transformations as "Non-Elective Retroactive Collaborations." Wellins takes paintings that are boring and unnoticed and turns them into strange and funny panoramas.

Ready to hunt for thrift store art in Columbus, Ohio?

It's time to let your creative juices flow and repurpose thrift store art today. As evidenced by all of the above artists, there is no limit to what these forgotten canvases and frames can become. Start the transformation today at a thrift store near you!

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