Summer is Sailing Away

And maybe, so is your time with your trusty old boat. We know you’ve been through everything with that boat: family vacations, fishing trips, water skiing excursions, but there comes a time where you need to move on. We know that breaking up with a boat so near and dear to your heart can be tough; but it’s definitely for the better. And it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. If you’re already set on getting rid of your boat and plan on selling it, there’s a far more beneficial way to sail your boat off into the sunset. Here’s why you should consider making an auto donation to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio instead of listing it on Craigslist.

Reasons to Abandon Ship

Maybe you didn’t use it as much as you thought you would. Maybe you can’t afford the cost of maintenance. But continued use of a deteriorating boat is unsafe and off-season upkeep is a super fast way to drain your wallet. Between cleaning, repairs, and dock fees, you’re racking up costs left and right. Plus, boats tend to depreciate quickly and, in the end, may not be worth the precious time you’ve spent on upgrades. There are a number of reasons to consider letting go of your beloved schooner, and even more reasons to consider donating it to a seaworthy cause: Volunteers of America.

Be a Lifesaver

Auto donations are the very best way to rid yourself of unused equipment, and they serve your community in ways you could never have imagined. All of the proceeds from your boat donation directly support the rehabilitation of homeless veterans in need. We offer counseling for substance abuse as well as career development and housing solutions for individuals and families. Making the smart decision to donate your aging boat helps to improve and, in some cases, even save lives. And bonus? You’ll get a pretty big tax deduction, maybe even bigger than the price tag you could attach to your independent boat sale. And what’s even better? The donation process is oh-so-simple.

Smooth Sailing

Avoid the choppy waters of selling your boat yourself and schedule a free and easy pick-up using our online request form. Spend almost zero effort having your boat hauled away and feel good about knowing you’ve made a difference in people’s’ lives. And by the way, we don’t only take boats. We’ll happily accept anything with a motor: cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, RVs, seriously anything that runs on fuel, so your Cleveland car donation has never been easier!

Enjoy those final days on your beloved boat. Cruise the lake. Take in those beautiful shore views. Catch a fish or two. Then bid adieu and make a contribution to your community. You can always get a new boat next summer…if you find yourself missing that lake life.