Suicide in the military: Record numbers of veterans and active duty soldiers continue to take their own lives

You can help veterans find the support they need when you donate your car in Ohio.

United States military suicides have never been so high. For the first time in at least a generation, more active duty soldiers killed themselves, 177, than were killed in combat, 176. While there has been a sharp drop in war zone deaths since 2011, the number of suicides has only increased. And it shows no signs of slowing down.

What’s even more shocking is the rate of veteran suicides. In 2012 alone, 6,500 former military personnel took their own lives. That’s approximately one every 80 minutes.

Volunteers of America veteran services look toward the future.

America’s veterans need our help. As part of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio’s mission to restore independence to our nation’s heroes, we offer a number of mental health and substance abuse programs and services. Our programs, like those offered at the Cincinnati Veterans Resource Center, focus on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness or a dual diagnosis. Volunteers of America can also make referrals to help veterans connect with resources in the area.

According to the National Coalition for Homeless veterans 70 percent of homeless veterans suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues. These issues must be addressed not just to restore their self-sufficiency, but to save their lives.

Our residential alcohol and drug treatment program supports veterans as they overcome their addiction through each phase of recovery: treatment, transition to work and continuing care to prevent relapse. We can also address mental illness through our residential treatment program. The program gives veterans the support they need through evaluation, development of a treatment plan, individualized and/or group therapy and continued support.

You can help give veterans a fighting chance when you donate your car on Ohio.

These startling statistics will only come down with your help. When you donate your car in donate your car in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and across Ohio, your contribution directly benefits Volunteers of America’s services.

We make it simple. Just fill out this short online form, or give us a call 800-862-6030 to arrange your free same-day towing. You could even receive more for your vehicle as a charitable contribution than you would be selling it privately. Ohio’s veterans need our help. Will you be there?