Spring Cleaning? Donate these items instead of throwing them away.

In lieu of tossing it out, donate it instead.

Spring. The hard realities of winter slowly melt away in favor of pastel blossoms and slightly longer periods of sunlight. The entire world looks brighter during this time of year-- and although you haven't spent all of winter in utter blindness, you are now suddenly noticing some clutter. Don't worry, the rest of the population is ready for clean up, too. But instead of tossing items out, consider donating. It's great for your peace of mind, for the environment, and for the men, women, and children in your community. Here are five items you should donate this spring.

Donate your boat.

We know what you're thinking. "But I may actually fix it up this year!" You've been saying that for the past 10 springs. It's time. Don't let your boat, yet again, become a yearly afterthought. Instead, use it to make a difference in the lives of so many Ohioans. Donating to Volunteers of America of Cleveland funds programs that help house the homeless in our community. You know that boat deserves a greater purpose. Now's the time to let it do its thing.

Copyright: eunika / 123RF Stock Photo

Donate your RV.

Do you really think you're going to get anything for the RV that's been begging for you to use it for years? Probably not. But instead of taking her out to pasture, consider donating your used RV to Volunteers of America of Cleveland. And bonus? You will receive a tax deduction that will help ease the sting of buyer's remorse.

Donate your motorcycle.

She was fun while she lasted, right? Don't worry-- donating your motorcycle doesn't mean she's gone forever. Her legacy will go to helping America's greatest asset, our veterans. Volunteers of America of Cleveland uses funds from motorcycle donations to house, treat, and rehabilitate the men and women who risked their lives for our freedom. What's better than that?

Donate your car.

Your car, while pretty on the outside, doesn't start, or maybe is just a little too loud when it finally does turn over. You've been saving it to sell or give to your sixteen-year-old niece. Not only has you niece failed to pass her license test, but your mood is failing every time you look at it. Not only will Volunteers of America take it off your hands, we'll also come pick it up for you. That's right. Donating your car to Volunteers of America of Cleveland comes with a no-cost tow service. That's pretty much the equivalent to free spring cleaning!

Donate money.

Yeah, we'll take that, too. You boat, car, motorcycle, and RV donation are so valuable, but so is your money. Volunteers of America of Cleveland is working tirelessly to provide resources to the souls in our community that need it most. Every penny is carefully allocated to the solution of homelessness and veteran care here in Ohio. Donate today.