Spring cleaning, Cincinnati? Consider a car donation

Spring is all about renewal. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. The windows are open. It's the official season of a fresh start.

Spring also means it's time for spring cleaning, and that can be a daunting task. If you've got a whole winter's worth of clutter, it can be hard to know where to start.

How about the garage?

If you've got an unused car out there, consider donating it to Volunteers of America. You not only get a huge jump on your spring cleaning and free up some needed storage space, your Cincinnati car donation helps your community.

How your car donation makes a difference

Auto donations are a key part of funding our programs to make Cincinnati a better place. Think about how your spring cleaning can help these people.

Here in Cincinnati, we serve nearly 700 neighbors in need each year. Through your donation:

  • You can put a roof over the head of a homeless veteran through our transitional housing program.
  • You can change a life of an ex-offender trying to better himself and re-enter the workforce.
  • You can help provide affordable long-term housing for adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

In other words, you can start your spring cleaning off right with the feeling that comes from helping others. And it couldn't be easier.

How to donate your vehicle

We accept donations of cars, trucks, boats, RVs, etc. If it's got a motor, there's a good chance you can donate it. And the benefits to you don't just stop with freeing up space in your garage.

We make car donation less of a hassle than trying to sell an unused vehicle. We can arrange free towing, often on the same day you contact us. Even if the car is no longer running, you can still donate it. And you potentially can make more money from the tax deduction than you would a sale.

Starting the process of car donation is quick and easy.

●Online: Just fill out our online form, and we'll contact you to schedule a convenient pickup time.

●By phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the donation process.

●In person: If you're in the Columbus area, you can just drop off your car with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.

Get your spring off on the right foot, and donate your vehicle today.