Spotlight on Veteran Transitional Housing in Ohio

Homeless men and veterans aim for independence

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to homelessness. While homeless men face an array of challenges, homeless veterans must confront an entirely unique struggle. At Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, we work one on one with each of our clients to establish an individualized plan of attack to confront the root of their homelessness. With transitional housing, we are able to provide a long-term, stable environment where homeless men and veterans can work toward self-sufficiency.

Veteran transitional housing

The necessity of specialized housing for veterans cannot be overstated. In order to address the unique challenges homeless veterans face, Volunteers of America has developed a personalized method of taking homeless veterans from the streets, to transitional housing with steady employment and finally stable housing.

When veterans enter the facility, they are assigned a case manager who will be the mediator throughout the recovery and housing process. The case manager diagnoses the root cause of the veteran’s homelessness and identifies any barriers to employment or housing, which might include addictions, mental health, prior evictions or an existing criminal record. Once a plan is agreed upon between the veteran and case manager, he can begin taking the appropriate steps to rehousing.

The journey can span anywhere from a few months to a year. Veterans’ challenges are diverse and the amount of time it takes to overcome hurdles and regain stable housing is different based on each situation. Sometimes it’s a case of developing trust again, or the veteran simply needs a bit of guidance to find certain resources.

Throughout his stay in transitional housing, each veteran works to accomplish the goals set forth with a case manager to ultimately find gainful employment and permanent housing. Many clients have great experiences and will return to the facility again to see old friends and maintain a bond they may not have had in years.

Housing Ohio’s homeless

Volunteers of America’s transitional housing efforts are not limited to veterans. We provide similar services to single men, including case management, employment counseling, life-skills training, assistance with securing benefits and referrals for substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling. Our goal is not simply to give homeless men a warm bed and a full stomach, but to formulate a plan with reachable goals in order to reestablish their lives with steady income and permanent housing.

Car donations support transitional housing for men and veterans

Transitional housing is made possible through contributions of neighbors like you. When you donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV to Volunteers of America, you are supporting homeless men and veterans in Ohio cities like Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland as they work to get back on their feet.

Donating your car is easy. Start by filling out our online form or calling (800) 225-0732. We’ll tow your donated vehicle for free, even if it hasn’t run in years. Please consider donating your unwanted vehicle to Volunteers of America, and put a homeless veteran on the road to self-sufficiency.