Spend your Mother's Day Giving Back

Do it for your Mother

Your mom has spent her entire life giving you everything you need. Motherhood itself is a truly selfless act that can only be repaid one way. Show her that you've learned from her; that you took all of those life lessons to heart. Spend your Mother's Day giving back to your community.

Donate to Volunteers of America

Your gift of a monetary donation to Volunteers of America will benefit our Cincinnati community in the following ways:

  • Provide housing for the homeless
  • Rehabilitate veterans
  • Allow youth, families and individuals to reach their full potential

Include your Mom in a Vehicle Donation

Your car, boat, RV or motorcycle will not only benefit the community of Cincinnati, but you and your mother, as well. That's right! Donating is good for your health. So not only will you be enhancing programs like housing and employment training, you will be releasing endorphins and implementing other positive brain effects that can help you live longer.

Leave a Legacy Gift

If your mom is no longer around, or you're interested in planning for the future, you can leave a gift that will last for generations. A legacy gift through The Ballington and Maud Booth Legacy Society will bequest your will, acquire an annuity or make a gift of appreciated stock, real estate or other assets. Learn more here.

Your mother is the pinnacle of your world, so make Mom proud and spread the love. Give back to your community this Mother's Day.