Six tips to fall clean like a pro

Donate to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio for a clean home and strong neighborhood.

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? How about your whole home? As the seasons change, fall is the perfect time to finally tackle that overstuffed closet or clear out your cluttered garage. And with Christmas right around the corner, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift stores are in huge need of donations to fill their shelves.

We know that diving into fall cleaning can feel like a huge undertaking. Where do you start, and how do you choose what to keep? At Volunteers of America, we follow six simple steps.

Let us help you make space in your home – while you make a difference in your community.

  1. Designate donate and keep piles. This first step will help you stay organized throughout the process. It also gives immediate satisfaction – the higher you see your donate pile grow, the more inspired you’ll be to keep sorting.
  2. Ask yourself these questions: Is it flattering? Is it age-appropriate? Does it fit? Does it bring you joy? Does it represent my current style? If you say “no” to even one of these questions, donate it. Don't keep clothes that don't fit. Get rid of the clothes that make you feel anything less than phenomenal.
  3. Follow the two-year rule. Unless a piece carries sentimental value, if it hasn’t been worn in two years it goes in the donate pile. Remember that your ultimate goal is having a smaller closet full of clothes you love, rather having to dig through those tops you haven’t worn since college.
  4. Be brutally honest. Is your closet full of pants you haven’t worn since before your children were born? Do you still have that one birthday gift you feel guilty getting rid of? If you don’t love it, there is no reason to hold onto it. Your time is precious and you don't need clothes or items that you don't love taking up space.
  5. Assess your space. Which is more valuable: the space or the item? When it comes to both your closet and your counters, it’s always important to create space.
  6. Organize. Now that you have free space, it’s time to organize what’s left. When you drop off your donations at your nearest Volunteers of America thrift store, treat yourself to baskets, shelves and containers to keep your existing wardrobe tidy.

Volunteers of America accepts donations at any of our 9 stores or drop boxes around Greater Ohio.
You can feel good knowing that when you donate or purchase an item at one of our thrift stores, you are helping people learn job skills, find affordable housing, learn to read, overcome addiction, and regain independence.

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