5 Reasons Why Selling Your Car is Good, but Donating Your Car is Better

Confused about what do do with your old car? We think donating your car is the best option for your vehicle, not selling it. Here's why.

Getting rid of your car can seem overwhelming at best. There are so many options and so little time. If you're in this predicament, we're hoping to make the process easier by providing a rundown of options for selling your car. And we have insight about an alternative choice that you might not have considered yet--the option to donate your car.


Many people choose to sell their vehicles on Craigslist because it's convenient, cuts out the middleman, and gives each party more control over the process. The real downside is the risk for scams. Craigslist fraud is a common occurrence, where buyers can use fake checks or accept a buyer's financial information, which can be a scary place for anyone.


eBay Motors is another direction you can choose if you want to sell your car. Sellers have the potential to reach a wider audience and it's easy to list your vehicle if you already have an eBay account. When using eBay however, there are insertion fees, other fees, and some of the potential problems that Craigslist has. It's not as simple as it looks to post a listing on eBay.


Selling your car at a dealership is quick and (almost) painless. Because they handle the paperwork, it can take a matter of weeks instead of hours. Here's the part where it becomes a little painful--dealers give you wholesale prices for the cars, which means you won't receive what your car is worth individually. And let's be honest--when was the last time you heard someone joke about their excellent dealership experience?


Like Craigslist and eBay, selling your car on Autotrader gives you an opportunity to sell your car for what it's worth. This site has a large inventory, so your listing can get a lot of exposure. But the large inventory can be a downfall, too--you're competing with dealers who have a lot more resources to sell their vehicles.


It's likely that on your friends list, there is someone who either needs a car or knows someone who is in the market for a car, and that you could easily get in touch with that person. Like selling anything on Facebook, however, it's hard to directly reach these people as an individual.

Volunteers of America

The option here is simple, quick, gives you a return, and helps people in need. All you need to do is fill out a form with basic information about you and your car and provide the title. Almost immediately, they schedule a pick-up to get the car off of your hands. And best yet, you receive a tax deduction for your donation.

Donating Your Car is the Better Alternative to Selling Your Vehicle

Donating your car also helps the community. Proceeds from the auto donation shelter the homeless, support families in need, and help veterans get back on their feet. (And did we mention the tax return for the actual amount your vehicle is worth?)

Although selling a car is a great option to make some money, the process is slow and inconsistent. To donate your car means to help others in need.

Here's three easy ways to start:

  • Online: fill out our online form, and we'll contact you to schedule a time to come pick it up and we'll tow it for free.
  • By Phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the donation process.
  • In Person: If you are near downtown Columbus, all you have to do is drop off your vehicle with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.