Our New Ohio Auto Auction Website

Donating a vehicle or buying one from one of our auctions is now easier than ever

One of the most critical methods Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio uses to fund our services for the homeless, veterans, and families in need is our car donation and auction programs located in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. Admittedly, however, the process of researching these vehicles online hasn’t always been easy for prospective buyers.

In an effort to make buying your car at our auctions as simple as possible, we’re excited to announce our new auto auction website.

The new website is here

The entirely new auto auction website combines everything into one organized and descriptive format. Each vehicle listed comes with a full description of the make, model, color and transmission type, as well as a gallery of photos from multiple angles.

Additionally, you can now easily find the date, time and location of the next auction, as well as a downloadable PDF list of all of the available vehicles that will be at a given auction.

Make an Ohio car donation today

By donating a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, tractor or anything else with a motor to Volunteers of America, you’re actively helping us fund our programs. From supportive housing, to assistance programs, to our veteran-specific services, you’ll be directly influencing the lives of people who need our help in all of the Ohio communities we serve.

If you have an extra or unused vehicle, please donate it to Volunteers of America. We’ll take it even if it isn’t running, and we can send free same-day towing to pick it up. Additionally, because it’s tax deductible, you may make more money off of your vehicle as a charitable donation rather than trying to sell it privately.

Please visit our new auto auction website, and donate to Volunteers of America today.