Our Favorite Ohio Thrift Store Bloggers

We love thrift store bloggers and we love Ohio. Following their discoveries is almost as fun as thrifting itself. After rummaging through Ohio thrift stores, these bloggers describe their treasures and what they plan to do with them. Some wear their items while others repurpose them. No matter what, they're all being creative with their budget and style, and if you're anything like us, you want to learn their ways. These are the best of the best! Read on to see how these Ohio thrift bloggers do it!

Thrift and Shout

Columbus native Lindsey Turner blogs about "living fabulously without spending a fortune" on her site, Thrift and Shout. The blog is all about shopping at Ohio thrift stores and inspiring others with her finds. Her thrift tips like, "Think Outside the Thrift Store," make this a perfect place for people who love the thrift shop. With a down-to-earth tone and her personal family stories, this blog is easy to love.

Buttons & Birdcages

Buttons & Birdcages shares "vintage inspired fashion on a budget," where self-described Midwest Transplant and Columbus resident, Miche, talks travel, beauty, and DIY. Weaving her thrift store glamour throughout, she shares stunning photos of her finds and participates in #ThriftStyleThursday on Instagram. Because she's so likeable and refreshing, following her adventures makes the thrifting stories a bonus.

Natalie Was Here

To Natalie Folchi, life is about making a mark. That's why her blog, Natalie Was Here, encourages readers to live creatively and celebrate every moment. As an affordable blog, her projects and tutorials are all about creating something new out of something old, which makes Ohio thrift stores a good resource for you as you learn. One of our personal favorites from Natalie's blog is this gem: "5 Tips for Scoring Big at a Thrift Store."

Earnest Home Co

Although this blog isn't 100 percent focused on thrifting, the DIY guidance is not to be missed. A blog and a shop, Earnest Home Co shares how-to videos that help with household projects. The is simple, graceful and adaptive, with a modern twist on traditional decor. If one of the projects inspires you, (which we think they will), an Ohio thrift store is likely to have some of the items you need to get going.

Dina's Days

A blog that's been around for almost six years, Dina's Days is a true place for thrift-store appreciation. It's all about the treasures found within Ohio thrift stores; Akron-based blogger Dina shares her finds, her tricks and her tips from her trips to thrift stores and flea markets. For 2016, she even introduced a monthly thrift challenge, 12 Months of Thrifting, where she challenges herself and readers to find certain items in thrift stores, encouraging a new closet on a budget.

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Some thrift bloggers shop at Ohio thrift stores because they like to craft. Others like to bargain shop or want to find that unique piece that fits perfectly in their office. No matter where you live, or what you need, our Ohio thrift stores will not disappoint. With your new knowledge, try a new (or a few!) or project (or two!).

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