One Major Reason to Ditch Your Car This Summer


One word: festivals. A fine summer tradition. We love the music and the merriment. We don’t so much enjoy the mayhem involved with parking. First you spend the whole day driving to your destination, and then you spend hours looking for a place to park (time you could have spent in looking at local art or watching that band you came all this way to see). Here’s why you should find alternative transportation to the festivals this year and consider making an Ohio car donation for a party-worthy cause: Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio!


Every year, summer presents us with a myriad of music festivals that fill our calendars before we know it. All over Ohio, and into the neighboring states, there are can’t miss shows in every direction. It’s a ton of fun, but there’s a catch you might not think of (until it’s too late). The highway is a parking lot in itself. And then, once you get to the designated field, or festival site, the actual parking lot is fully loaded and/or costs a fortune. You’ll drive around in circles for hours, potentially missing that headliner that drove your desire to attend the festival in the first place! It happened at Coachella this year. And it could happen to you.


Ride your bike! It’s fun, eco-friendly, and FREE. Carpooling is another way to keep it green (and hey man, save the planet, right?). Let somebody else take the wheel this time. Ridesharing is also kind of a thing these days, and there’s no better excuse to put those wheels in motion. Get yourself an Über or Lyft and split the cost with friends. There are also public transit alternatives (think buses) that can get you where you want to go. You’ll save time and money on parking and spare yourself some behind-the-wheel frustration.


Your car is just collecting dust while you’re napping at your campsite between set times. Instead, why not donate your vehicle to the Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio? We’ll take anything with a motor (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and it supports an amazing cause: helping the homeless and supporting veterans and their families right here in Ohio. Your Ohio car donation benefits programs that strengthen your community and lets you enjoy those festival vibes to the fullest. And bonus? Your tax deduction from said donation could get you more coin than you’d get just by selling it, which means…MORE CONCERT TICKETS FOR YOU. Or even just a trip to the merch booth.


So easy, in fact that you need to do almost nothing at all. Simply schedule the pick-up, and we’ll come haul it away for FREE! It’s effortless, impactful, and good for the soul. Visit our website for more information on what we do and how you can help.

Have a safe and happy festival season!