Old Glory. New Car.

The flag means many things to many people. To all of us at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, the American Flag (or Old Glory, as she's also known) is a symbol of everything that makes our nation great. It's a sign of our fighting spirit and our tenacity; our resilience and our vitality. That's why we invite you to celebrate all that the Flag represents, and in the best way possible; through the gift of your auto donation (It's time for a new car anyway, no?).

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Donate your car and honor our veterans.

Our nation's veterans have risked their lives for the stars and stripes. Celebrating Flag Day should mean celebrating those who have fought to defend it. How can you contribute? Donating your car in Columbus helps veterans and their families in a number of ways. The money received from your generous Columbus car donation goes directly towards funding for the following programs:

  • Emergency Housing for Veterans
  • Transitional Housing for Veterans
  • Treatment Programs for Veterans
  • Permanent Housing for Veterans
  • Veteran Employment Services

Why are these specific programs so important? Currently, one in five homeless people are veterans. Roughly 50% of homeless veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And there are over three million disabled veterans currently living in the United States. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is on the front lines working to change these statistics for veterans and their families.

What does donating your car look like? Easier than you'd expect. You can deliver your car in person to 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228. OR you can call us at (800) 862-6030 or fill out this form and we'll come pick it up for you. The tow is free and there is a tax write off for your generous donation. Bonus? Some of our givers have found that their tax write off was more than what they would have received if they had sold their vehicle privately. So save that money and put it towards those new wheels you've been eyeing.

No automobile? No problem! There are plenty of ways to give.Your cash donation.

No car, motorcycle, boat or RV to donate? No worries. You can still make Flag Day count for the people who deserve it most. Donate your monetary gift through our online donation tool. You can select a predetermined or custom dollar amount, a one-time or recurring gift, and even designate the program you'd like to support. To make this even more meaningful, we've included an "Honor" or "Memorial" gift option. That's right! You can make a difference this Flag Day on someone else's behalf.

Your time and energy.

Take a cue from our nation's most precious asset and give of yourself. Your time, energy, love and compassion are just as valuable as anything else you have to give. Check out all the ways you can give back on Flag Day this year.