Ohio veterans get a boost in higher education.

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As higher education costs continue to rise, Ohio has stepped up to meet the needs of veterans wishing to pursue a degree. Veterans as a whole tend to be more highly educated than civilians, but they pursue higher education later in life. This leads to post-9/11 vets in their 20s and 30s often having less education than their peers. To encourage more veterans to earn a degree, Ohio has some of the nation’s most inclusive higher education tuition standards.

The Virtual In-State Tuition Map, created through a partnership between Student Veterans of America, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign War, shows that Ohio is one of 19 states that has a residency waiver to allow veterans to pay in-state tuition.

According to the Ohio Board of Regents, veterans with one year of honorable service, and their dependents, are immediately considered in-state residents for the purposes of tuition, state educational subsidies and financial aid. Active duty, guard, reserve service members and their families are also eligible for the educational benefit.

Dubbed the Ohio GI Promise, the waiver seeks “to make Ohio the most veteran-friendly state in the country for higher education.” By allowing veterans to skip the mandatory 12-month residency requirement to gain in-state tuition, the GI Promise encourages “veterans from across America to bring their families, leadership, motivation and maturity to Ohio's colleges and universities.”

The Plain Dealer reported that in 2012, “Gov. John Kasich signed into law a bill that includes provisions expanding the in-state tuition benefit to the spouse or dependents of a deceased veteran, regardless of the location of the death or the veteran’s residence at the time of death.”

This is in addition to Governor Kasich’s 2008 legislation, which grants in-state tuition to any and all veterans attending college on the GI Bill. The first of its kind in the nation, the Ohio GI Promise considers all veterans “honorary Ohioans” for the purpose of higher education.

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