Next Stop: New Car

You and your car have had quite the summer together: the music festivals, the campouts, and all those road trips. You’ve seen it all, and it’s been great. But your trusty steed has borne the brunt of all the scenic stops, the gas stations, the many (many) miles of open road, and probably some potholes along the way. It’s begun to take its toll and it might be time to retire your automobile. Sure you can sell it, but don’t you think your dear old friend could serve a better purpose? We think so, too. We recommend making an Ohio car donation to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. It’s the perfect way to honor your car and serve your community all at once. Here are three major reasons you’d be wise to donate your car and start fresh with a new one.

Safe Ride

Older cars have risks that newer cars don’t. That’s a simple fact. Cars wear down after years on the road; the older they are and the more miles they have on them, the more dangerous they become. Over the years, cars have not only gotten nicer (sleeker, prettier), they have also gotten much safer, thanks to new features and technology. A new car means more road trips and less risk, whether you’re taking the family to the beach or headed to a group ski gathering with friends. Driving an old car in bad winter weather is never a good idea. Upgrade to a new car for all-season safety (and think about donating your old one)!

More Fuel for your Tank

Selling your car independently might be costlier than you had hoped. Having it detailed, appraised, and hauled away to its new owners all costs money (money you could be spending elsewhere). Donating your car to the Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is FREE, and could earn you a pretty sizable tax deduction; maybe even more than if you had sold the car yourself. Just think: that extra money could really come in handy when you start planning next year’s road trips!

Brake for Humanity

Selling an automobile can drive a person crazy, but an Ohio car donation through Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is oh-so-simple. And what’s even better? It benefits your community, too! All proceeds from your auto donation directly support the rehabilitation of homeless veterans in need. We offer counseling for substance abuse as well as career development and housing solutions for individuals and families. Making the tough, but smart decision to donate your pre-loved car significantly improves the lives of others.

Those are just three of the many reasons it’s best to donate your car ahead of the new season. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio auto donations are quick, easy, and cost you absolutely nothing. All you have to do is fill out the online form and we’ll come haul it away for free. So, enjoy one more pleasure cruise, say your goodbyes, and find your new road trip travel buddy (while the old one rides off into the sunset with purpose).