New Year. New Reasons to make a Car Donation in Columbus.

New Year New Car

4 Reasons to Give that New Car the Green Light (& Make a Columbus Car Donation)!

The new year is here (welcome, 2019!) and the holidays are behind us. So what’s next? You’ve set some new goals, received some new gifts, and made some new memories. Why not keep up on this great trend of newness with that car you’ve been wanting? Unless of course, you’re one of the lucky ones who received a shiny car with a big red bow on it for the holidays. If you are, we’re jealous. And if you’re not, here are four reasons why winter is a good time to spring for a new ride and to give your pre-loved automobile to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana through your car donation in Columbus and Cleveland.

Winter Roads are Dangerous

The snow may be a pretty sight but it can cause plenty of damage on the road. Winter weather is unpredictable, especially in Ohio. Snowstorms happen suddenly and the icy conditions can linger for lengthy periods of time, leading to a surge in weather-related car accidents. A new car is sure to be safer on the road, reducing the risk of accidents, or at the very least, the chances of getting stranded on the side of the road in icy cold temps as well as the trouble of taking it to a mechanic.

Maintenance is Costly

The car you’re driving now may need some updates to ensure it’s ready for those winter roads. The worst part of auto repairs is the unexpected costs that come once all the work is completed. The quirks they find. The surprise parts you need to replace. You could save time and lots of money by simply getting a new car.

Giving is a Tax Friendly Thing

OK, so we’ve established that opting for a new car can potentially save you time and money. But did you know that you can also benefit from a healthy tax deduction with your Columbus car donation? It’s true! Your generosity has more to offer than just good vibes and some extra space in the garage. It can earn you a little money in your pocket-sometimes even more than the money you’d have made if you had sold your car instead.

Your Car Donation Helps People in Need

OK, so we’ve established that donating your car has many rewards. It gives you the flexibility to get a newer, safer car (thus, saving you time and money with the mechanic). And it gets you a little kickback from your tax deduction. But the most important fun fact of all is that your vehicle donation directly benefits programs that help homeless veterans and families in need. Too many veterans return home with mental health challenges that make it nearly impossible to hold down a job, and by extension, steady housing. Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana offers treatment, counseling, career services, and even shelter for the brave individuals who have fought to protect our country, and now find themselves in dire straights.

Isn’t it great when you find the perfect reason to treat yourself to something shiny?

Go ahead. Get that new car you’ve been eyeballing. As the saying goes, new year, new you-and a new ride seems like a great place to start. Plus, it will get your year started on a charitable note, so start your engines and get ready to give!