​New Year. New Car.

Buying a New Car this Winter? Donate Your Old Car to VOAGO.

With the dawning of a new year we welcome a new class of cars coming our way. Kelly Blue Book is calling this latest fleet " noteworthy." Honda has completely redesigned its Ridgeline Pickup for the new year, and Hyundai is releasing brand new models. If you're ready to make room in your garage for a new car, consider donating your old one to Volunteers of America in Cleveland. You may receive more in tax deductions than if you sold it privately. Here are three reasons you should upgrade and donate in 2017.

1. Buying a new car ensures reliability. Donating your car does the same.

The peace of mind that comes from buying a brand new car is unrivaled. Knowing that you are the first person to operate the vehicle instills a faith in all of the components that doesn't always come with used or older cars. Brand new tires, zero miles, and of course, that new car smell. Nothing can beat it.
Donating your car helps give a homeless person in Cleveland peace of mind, as well. The funds from the auction of your donated vehicle go to programs that give these people a hot meal, a warm bed and a roof over their heads— an unrivaled feeling to someone who has ever been without a home. Further still, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio offers clinical treatments and supportive services to help end the cycle of homelessness in Cleveland.

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2. Buying a new car comes with monetary perks. Donating your car does too.

Financial institutions offer competitive financing for and better interest rates for new vehicles as opposed to used vehicles. Buying a brand new car can sometimes be a more lucrative deal because of these things than going pre-owned.

Likewise, a hearty tax deduction awaits your auto donation with Volunteers of America in Cleveland. You can claim a deduction for the fair market value of your vehicle up to $500 or for the selling price. On top of this, the tow of your vehicle is free.

3. Buying a new car is better for the environment. Donating your car is better for your community.

It is far more "green" or environmentally friendly to purchase a new car than continue to drive an old one. When you boil down CO2 emissions of older cars, the pollution from production and maintenance, and stricter environmental regulations— it's easy to understand why. If taking the well being of our planet is important to you, buying a new car may be a great move.

In the same way, donating your old vehicle is a selfless act with a large ripple effect. From benefiting the homeless, veterans, job training programs and more.

Ready to donate?

You can fill out a donation form online and get started right away. If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page or give us a call: 1-800-862-6030.