A Message of Hope to Veterans

Dear Friend,

I may not know you by name, but I know you. You might be any one of the number of shipmates I served with in the Pacific and Indian Oceans during Desert Storm.

You might have served with my brothers in the Army, who protected our country through several tours of combat. Or you might have served next to any one of my truly close and loved friends who answered the call to serve in the Marine Corps or Air Force...

And you must remember and know your presence ... your presence in your command, in your unit, in your station ... made us feel safe. Your presence there made us stronger.

Please know we love you. We thank you for the service you provided. Please know we have not forgotten you.

We remember how strong you are. We remember your smile and your humor.

We are here for you ... We know you will get through this. Because, we know what you’ve been through already.

Joe Powers, U.S. Navy Veteran

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