Make Dad Happy

"Hey, want to help me clean the garage?" Not really, dad. (But thanks.) Well this Father's Day, just give him the gift he really wants. Spend some quality time with your dear old dad and help him organize the garage. It will make him oh-so-happy and it will give you a real sense of accomplishment. Best place to start? That car he's not using any more. It hasn't been on the road in years, and think of all the space it would create to have it hauled away. And that, my friend, is easy to do. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio makes it so simple to donate your car in Ohio. Pickup is free and easy and the tax break he'll get could be more than the price he'd end up selling it for. That's money he can spend on cool new shelves, some power tools, maybe a spare refrigerator. Basically, it's just one more perk involved with your super simple car donation. And as if you needed another incentive, just know that every car donation supports programs that directly benefit the all-too-important services of Volunteers of America. Wow, now doesn't that inspire a feeling of satisfaction and self worth?

Here's how your Ohio car donation enriches your community and supports veterans in need.

Some veterans are fathers. All veterans are sons or daughters. Father's Day is a great time to honor those who have dedicated their lives to defending our country. But it's always important to remember that once a veteran returns, there's still an uphill battle to face. Readjustment to everyday life is not easily achieved. Friends and family have a hard time relating. Jobs are not easy to find. In many cases, substance abuse and/or mental illness becomes a reality, making employment even more difficult. This leads to a challenge in housing. One in five homeless adults is a veteran. There's a cycle in place, and Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio aims to slow the wheels and help rehabilitate veterans in need. Your car donation directly supports efforts in housing, treatment for substance abuse, treatment for mental illness, and an employment program that includes job training, resume writing, and in some cases, even job placement.

So when you're in the garage, clearing out boxes, covered in dirt, take a look at dad's neglected automobile (or motorcycle, boat, anything with a motor) and consider adding some more meaning to your Father's Day activity. Donate your car in Ohio to better the lives of the ones who fought to protect yours. Do it for dad and make him proud.