Love with a Mission: Meet the VOA’s Car Donation Fairy

Move over, Cupid, there's a new love fairy in town. Let us introduce you to the car donation fairy--the magical man who leaves fairytales behind and makes dreams a reality. On this Valentine's Day, skip the flowers and chocolate and consider giving a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Car Donation: Love in Action

If you're looking to make a powerful impact, the car donation fairy is your guy. He might have little wings, but he's got a huge heart. He's serious about the kind of love that motivates a community to remember it's most vulnerable and get to work on providing solutions.

At Volunteers of America, car donation is a practical gift that empowers the homeless community. No matter what shape your vehicle is in, running or not running, we accept it. We don't just accept cars either--trucks, motorcycles, boats, it's all good. After your donation, we sell your used vehicle through our auction and all funds go directly into supporting programs all over Ohio that change lives.

We even offer free, same day pick-up, so your good deed is easy, simple and hassle-free.

Car Donation Spreads Hope

Unlike Cupid, the car donation fairy is hope you can believe in. Consider going beyond just romantic love this Valentine's Day and spread some love to folks who often go unnoticed around holidays. It makes an unbelievable difference. Your car donation can provide veterans with housing, treatment services and employment assistance. Your donation equips families and youth to gain access to education, shelter, and resources towards a brighter future.

What does that look like on a daily basis? Your car donation means a hot meal and a bed for someone struggling to get through February. It's the difference between being on the streets and being safe this winter. It's access to case management and recovery from addiction.

In essence, you car donation is love made tangible.

Car Donation is a Gift that Loves You Back

With the car donation fairy, giving hope has never felt quite so rewarding. But now, you can also feel a little love back in the form a tax return. When it comes to tax write-offs, you often receive greater financial benefit than you would by independently selling your vehicle. And the process couldn't be simpler or more satisfying.

Ready to Spread the Love?

You can do it anyway most convenient:

Online: Fill out this simple form for a free pick-up

In person: Bring your vehicle and clean title to 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228

By phone: Call (800) 862-6030 and we'll help you donate over the phone

This Valentine's Day, give real love and make a difference in the life of a homeless person. Now, that's magic to believe in.