Join the effort to bring a home to every Columbus family

Your Columbus car donation can end homelessness

If you’re paying attention to national news, our country’s economic climate seems as if it’s traversing the upswing—more jobs created, more employed and more families with children in homes.

But, carefully remove your rose-colored glasses when looking through your back door. The outlook is not as optimistic for Columbus, and civic organizations are hard at work, wondering, why there’s a difference and what we can do to catch up with our neighboring states.

Families flood to shelters

In Columbus, the number of families with children experiencing homelessness has jumped by 79 percent within three years, creating a demand for beds as well as programs and services, such as food pantries and crisis intervention.

However, this exigency can’t always be met when emergency housing providers face limited funds and resources, ultimately turning clients away—straining our community further and continuing the cycle.

But the solution can’t be to build more shelters. We must locate the root of the problem and fix it.

Your Columbus car donation can help a child receive permanent housing

A key route to effectively minimize the homeless population in the greater Ohio region is to help every individual become a productive, self-sustaining citizen.

Homelessness affects our community in the same way an increase in life-threatening behaviors, such as drunk driving, could have.

The critical increase in need is not only detrimental to the families experiencing homelessness; it takes a toll on our society. Ohioans must support one another in getting on par with the country, and perhaps, beat the national average.

At Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, we specialize in shelter, affordable housing and support programs for families in need.  However, we depend on your kindness and donations, so that, one day, the need will no longer exist.

If you want to help homeless families with children in greater Ohio communities, and you have an unwanted or additional vehicle, including RVs, motorcycles, tractors, and boats, please donate it to Volunteers of America. Our free same-day towing will pick it up from the location of your choice.

The donation is tax deductible, and it might even net you more money as a donation than it would if you sold it privately.