It’s the First Day of Fall!

It’s official. Summer is over. That means layers, colorful leaves, and a change in your driving habits (e.g., car pools, commutes, and unpredictable weather). And because winter is next, now is the time to get ahead on those safety inspections and updates. This can be costly, time consuming, and inconvenient. As it happens, you’ve been eyeballing a shiny new model that would look awfully good with a nice autumn backdrop. Maybe now’s the time...but what to do with your current car? Donate your car to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio!

Leaves are Falling. Repair Costs Are Not.

A long summer of road tripping, vacations, and cross-country family visitations can do a number on your car. Little fixes and proper maintenance are definitely in order after such an active season, and it would be unsafe to let the little things go as the weather continues to change. That said, inspections can be a nuisance. They’re hard to schedule and tend to put a big dent in your wallet. But, you can donate your car in Columbus, Cleveland, and all around Ohio to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio as a cost-saving alternative (that may actually end up putting a few extra bucks in your pocket). It’s a free and easy way to save money and serve your community.

Safety is in Season

The start of fall calls for consistent driving to and from work and school. You’ll definitely want to make sure that your car is safe as can be when making these daily commutes. The last thing you want is a car break down in the middle of some bad weather (and winter is just around the corner)! Guarantee your family’s safety by getting a new car for the new season and don’t fall for over-inflated repair costs. Let’s not forget that buying a new car in the winter can be costly as well; buying in the fall is a good way to save money and to put safety first.

Fall Back on Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio

Once you’ve brought that new car home, you’ll need to make arrangements for the old one. Trying to find a buyer can be a pain, so we’ve made it as easy as humanly possible to donate your car in Columbus. Giving to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is the simplest way to remove that unneeded stress from your life. Just fill out our online form, and we’ll come haul it away for free. This quick and easy process might even bring you a healthy tax deduction. You just focus on apple picking, hay riding, hot cider drinking, pumpkin patching, and bonfire lighting. We’ll take care of the rest.

Everybody Wins

While the personal perks of donating your car to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio are plentiful, it’s important to remember that your community reaps the rewards, as well! All proceeds from your car donation directly support services that benefit veterans and their families. Don’t miss this opportunity to help both yourself and those in need. We gladly accept anything with a motor: boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, RVs, and more. You clear space in your driveway. We continue serving those who have put their lives on the line to serve us. Everybody wins when you donate to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.