It’s National Medal of Honor Day!

The Columbus Auto Auction Salutes the Honored Vets

The Medal of Honor is our nation's very highest honor and today, we are happy to celebrate the recipients of this significant award. We remember the sacrifices that every veteran has made for his or her country. The sad truth is that one in five homeless adults is a veteran. The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio have made it our mission to help veterans in need regain their self-sufficiency and support their families.

Sadly, many veterans return home lacking the readiness required to land a job. Some have fallen victim to substance abuse and often times, various types of mental illness. And sometimes, it's both. Addiction and depression are often hand in hand. The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio offers services that benefit veterans in need of shelter, counseling and/or adequate treatment. The Columbus Auto Auction benefits programs that work towards helping veterans regain their self-sufficiency. Here are the programs you are supporting when you donate your automobile or bid on one at the auction.

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The Housing Program

The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides a transitional living environment that offers individual support geared towards finding employment and permanent housing for veterans in need. Here, veterans have access to proper clinical treatment and peer support in addition to the individual case assistance that will hopefully guide them to independent living situations.

The Employment Program

Often, veterans return home with a lack of readiness to go out and find a job. The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides services that help eliminate this factor. We offer career coaching, resume writing, job searching and placement (when possible), as well as provide career clothing and transportation. It is our goal to assist veterans in regaining their independence by way of long-term employment.

The Treatment Program

Substance abuse and mental illness are unfortunate realities for too many veterans. The Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides residential programs that give veterans access to proper care, treatment and evaluation in addition to shelter and guidance to employment. The ultimate goal is self-sufficiency, so we provide continued counsel to victims of substance abuse to lessen the likelihood of a relapse, referring them to substance abuse treatment facilities, when necessary.

Donate Your Car…

…Or motorcycle, boat, RV or truck. Any motorized mechanism will do, whether it runs or not. The Auto Auction of Columbus, Ohio is a major supporter of the programs that benefit veterans in need. All funds from the auto auction benefit our programs in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Mansfield, Sandusky and Toledo, so you're doing right by your community and offering solace to those who have served our country. And that is a great honor in itself.