I've decided to donate my car. What's next?

Car Donation 101

First of all, thank you for deciding to donate your car. Know that your gift will make a long-lasting impact throughout the Cleveland community.

When you donate an old or unused vehicle to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, you help create a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of individuals and communities we serve, including the homeless, jobless, youth, veterans and more. All auction proceeds benefit our social service programs, including sheltering the homeless, job training and veterans' programs.

Donating your vehicle is also one of the easiest things you will do this year. Here's a crash course on how to donate your car.

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Here's the 411 on Cleveland car donation:

• We'll take anything with a motor. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs — even if they haven't run in years.

• We'll come to you. Donating your vehicle is much easier than selling your car, truck, boat or RV. And if you need a tow, we offer free same-day towing.

• We're online. Donating your vehicle is as simple as filling out our online form.

• Or you can donate by phone. Call 440-232-9300 before 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and before 11 a.m. on Saturday.

• And even by mail. Just mail your clear title to 5640 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio, 43228 and we'll go from there.

• It makes good business sense. You could actually receive a greater value for your vehicle as a charitable contribution on your tax return than you would by selling it on the market.

• Car donation changes lives. By supporting our organization, you will help us serve people and communities in need — VOAGO helps more than 6,000 people in Cleveland every year — and create opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others.

Search "donate my car" to find out how you can help

In Cleveland and across the state, we offer multiple programs to get veterans back on their feet and provide crucial assistance like homeless outreach, emergency shelter and long-term assistance.

Our services and programs are funded entirely by donations from neighbors like you. Just fill out our online car donation form, call 440-232-9300 to donate over the phone or send the clear title to 5640 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43228.