Hunger and homelessness in the US continue to grow

Major city’s projects need increased assistance in 2013

While the nation’s economy continues to recover, millions from coast to coast still struggle to meet their most basic needs. A Huffington Post article confirmed that the number of hungry and homeless across the country is rising, including in Ohio. According to the story, the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report in December that found “requests for emergency food assistance rose in 21 out of the 25 cities it surveyed in 2012 and remained at the same level in three.” Over half of the surveyed cities said homelessness increased.

The mayors’ report was made up of diverse cities of differing sizes and wealth, such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville and Cleveland.

“This report is a stark reminder of the long-lasting impact the recession has had on many of our citizens,” Greg Fischer, mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, said in a statement. “Families, who once lived in middle class homes, now find themselves without a roof over their heads, needing multiple social services for the first time in their lives.”

Almost 17 percent of those seeking emergency food were elderly and 8.5 percent were homeless. Furthermore, 51 percent were in families and 37 percent were employed, the survey stated.

All but four of the cities saw an increase in requests for emergency food assistance. Sadly, the hunger problem is likely to only get worse in the months ahead. Three-fourths of the cities expect the need for food to rise while not a single one expects a decrease.

In addition, 60 percent of the cities surveyed expect to see an increase in the number of families without shelter and 56 percent anticipate a rise in homelessness. Respondents in over half the cities feel there will not be enough shelters available in 2013, the mayors relayed.

Ohio car donations aid the hungry and homeless

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