How Your Dayton Car Donation Gives A Single Mom Hope

Your story’s tremendous impact on her story

An American tale common enough to be the family next to you on the bus, on the street, at the soccer game:

A single mom and her two boys, age 8 and age 13, balancing schedules packed full with work, school, chores, sports, homework and after-school programs. Mom is constantly struggling to manage her kids’ affairs while still leaving enough time for her own. 

But, what you see is not always their reality.

This particular family lives in Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio’s permanent supportive housing. And your Dayton car donation helped them establish their new normalcy.

The truth behind a smile of safety

Two years ago, Darla’s stress cut deeper—where would they sleep? Is there enough food for everyone to eat? How could she keep her boys safe? Would the law even allow her to keep them?

“If Volunteers of America hadn’t been there, my kids would have stayed with foster parents and I might be living under a bridge,” she said.

Since connecting with Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, the daily struggles she faces are welcome compared to her constant fear over where her family would rest their heads.

And if some days are tougher than others, Darla and her boys have a built-in support system with a case manager and devoted staff.

“When they visit me ... it doesn’t feel like an inspection, it feels like a friend coming over to listen and help,” she said.

Your Dayton car donation starts a new chapter for those in need

While it’s our supportive housing that creates more stable, dignified lives for families who were dealt a complex hand, it’s your support that makes it possible.

We can’t always know the contents of others’ stories, but when you give, you become weaved into their positive futures.

Your generous donations ensure that the programs and services we provide are innovative, progressive and healing.

Please donate your extra or unused vehicle to Volunteers of America. We’ll take almost anything with a motor, be it a car, truck, boat or RV, even if it’s not running.

Same-day towing is available, and you might make more money off of your vehicle as a tax deductible donation than you would by selling it privately.