Honor Veterans this Memorial Day by Donating your Car

Skip the cookout this year. Paying homage to our nation's fallen soldiers is the best way to celebrate the holiday. Respect their sacrifice and honor their legacy by contributing to the rehabilitation, housing, treatment and care of our community's current veterans. (And then maybe you can have a hot dog.)

How Your Car Donation Supports Veterans

Your generous donation of a vehicle, motorcycle, boat, RV or anything that runs on a motor to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio helps fund programs that have a direct impact on veterans. One of these programs is Volunteers of America's Veterans & Families FIRST. This program reaches beyond the individual to provide assistance to their family members as well. Veterans & Families FIRST supports veterans through the following:

  • Housing counseling
  • Personal financial planning
  • Healthcare referrals
  • Help with childcare
  • Legal aid
  • Transportation
  • Daily living needs

This service is available in Columbus, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio.

How Your Car Donation Enhances the Community

Donating your vehicle benefits veterans and their families, but also has a positive impact on your community as a whole. Through our employment services, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio aims to end the cycle of homelessness for veterans and to stimulate local economies. Veterans and their families are provided with assistance in skill development, resume writing, job searching, placement and coaching. You car donation goes directly to the funding of such programs.

How to Donate Your Car

The tow is free and the benefits are endless. Contact us today at (800) 862-6030 or fill out the following form. You'll also receive a tax deduction for your generous gift, so it's a total win-win. Now that's something to celebrate!