The truth about homelessness: How your car donation is changing lives in Cincinnati

Your car donation supports programs in Cincinnati and other areas in Ohio that help people reach their full potential and fully contribute to our community.

When donating your car to the Volunteers of America, you help the homeless. That's why we want you to know your contribution supports a meaningful cause and makes a real difference, in Cincinnati and beyond.

Being homeless is not a choice.

Anyone can face homelessness no matter their situation. There are many circumstances that cause people to lose their home and even keep people from finding a new home. When someone becomes homeless, it is because they do not have the resources or support needed to prevent homelessness.

homeless people are not addicted to drugs.

While substance abuse can be found among the homeless population, it can also be found among those who are not homeless. Substance abuse does not mean that someone deserves to be homeless, but can be part of a bigger systemic issue facing people who are homeless, like not be able to get treatment.

Being homeless is temporary.

It's actually the opposite. Out of the over 500,000 homeless people on any given night in 2015, less than 20 percent of those were chronically homeless. Most commonly, people need shelter for a few nights, and are able to find a living situation without returning to homelessness.

Homeless people do work.

Almost half of the homeless population is employed. Unfortunately, many homeless people who are employed simply don't make enough money to afford a home. Once homeless, it's challenging to find an employer that allows enough availability to find a second job, that will hire a person who doesn't have a regular address, or will hire someone who might already be unemployed.

Your Cincinnati car donation is part of the solution

One of the practical ways you are helping to end homelessness in Ohio is because of your car donations and contributions. When you make small steps, like donating your car, you create change. Your support helps people in your community reach their full potential and fully contribute to our community.

To donate your car—and build a better future—here's three ways to begin.

  • Online: fill out this simple online form, and we'll contact you to schedule a time to tow it away for free.
  • By Phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 and we'll help you begin the donation process.
  • In Person: We can be found in downtown Columbus and are ready to accept your vehicle with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.