Help the Homeless by Donating Your Car in Cleveland This New Year

Donate Your Car in Cleveland to Make the Biggest Impact

Winter in Ohio means frigid temperatures, especially when you get close to the lake. While you may be cranking your thermostat to 70+ and getting cozy in every blanket you own, the homeless in our community are wondering how they'll get through the night. There are many ways to help the homeless in Cleveland, but donating your car may potentially make the biggest impact. Let's explore why this is.

Donate Your Car in Cleveland to House the Homeless

100 percent of the proceeds from your donated vehicle go to programs that Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio use to help the homeless. One of those programs is the Veterans Resource Center that not only provides shelter, but peer support, clinical treatment and case management. This means that instead of sticking a Band-Aid on the problem of homelessness, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and your car donation are going to solving the problem at its root.

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Donate Your Car in Cleveland to Impact Those Left Behind

The definition of "homeless" has a lot of restrictions around it. For instance, to qualify for certain state funded homeless programs, you typically need to have been without a home for at least 14 days. Also, if you are living in a hotel or motel, you are not considered homeless by these definitions. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio does not operate within any of these boundaries. Our only goal, with help from you car donation, is to assist those who are in need.

Donate Your Car in Cleveland to Help Children

The average age of a homeless person is just nine years old. Imagine trying to focus in school, make friends, or maintain any self-esteem when you have no idea where you will sleep that night. Nearly impossible, right? Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides shelter, a warm bed, a hot meal and clothing to homeless families all across Ohio. Your auto donation, which may be worth more as a tax deduction than if sold privately, goes directly to funding Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio's mission of ending homelessness.

Donate Your Car. Today.

It's as simple as giving us a call at (800)-862-6030 or filling out the car donation form. From there, a free, same-day tow awaits and lives are instantly changed. Make the decision to impact the Cleveland community today.