Help End Homeless Veteran Suicide in Ohio

Donate your car in Cleveland

To transition from proudly serving under your nation’s flag to living on the streets is something very few of us can even begin to fathom, and tragically, this leads to many veterans taking their own lives. 

For some United States veterans, the absence of familiar structure, distance from squadmates, and memories of combat make readjusting to civilian life extremely difficult. Unfortunately, these circumstances often leave veterans unable to adjust to everyday society or hold down a job. Without a job, they can’t afford housing, and without housing, they become homeless.

The shocking numbers

The link between veteran homelessness and suicide becomes somewhat apparent when you see the raw data:     

  • About 12 percent of America’s adult homeless population are veterans
  • Approximately 120 veterans commit suicide every week (that’s a rate of 17 per day)
  • In 2012, 6,500 former military personnel committed suicide (about one every 80 minutes)
  • About 20 percent of the U.S. population committing suicide are veterans 

While work is being done to end veteran homelessness, there are still approximately over 60,000 homeless veterans in the United States, and every day they aren’t getting help, they’re at risk of becoming a suicide statistic.

The cause and connection

Nearly one-fifth of our nation’s veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have symptoms of PTSD or suffer from major depression.

Some choose to cope with these mental illnesses by abusing drugs, alcohol, or other substances. In fact, nearly one out of every three veterans who seek treatment for PTSD also seek treatments for substance abuse.

The combination of depression and substance abuse disorders can make it difficult for veterans to find and keep steady paying jobs. Without employment, veterans often end up homeless.

Once homeless, PTSD and depression coupled with the hardship of losing one’s job, home, or contact with family can make it seem like there’s no way out. It’s a very dangerous spiral, and tragically, some homeless veterans choose to end their own lives.

How you can help Ohio veterans: Donate your car in Cleveland

At Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, we have shelters and programs that are designed to support veterans who are struggling with homelessness, depression and other challenges.

If you want to help us make a difference in the lives of homeless Ohio veterans, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is taking vehicle donations in Cleveland. We’ll take almost anything with a motor, from tractors and boats to motorcycles and RVs, even if it isn’t running. We can even arrange free same–day towing, and you might end up getting more money from your vehicle as a tax-deductible donation than you could by selling it privately.

Remember, when you donate to Volunteers of America, you’re helping us support homeless veterans in all of the Ohio communities we serve.

Contact the Car Donation & Auction Office at 614-870-7511 if you have any questions, or fill out the car donation form.