Happy National Old Stuff Day!

Cleveland car donations are a perfect way to celebrate.

Today is National Old Stuff Day. Yep, that's a thing, And if it's true that one person's trash is another person's treasure, this holiday deserves some serious recognition and that's why we're celebrating. You should join us…by donating your vehicles (today of all days).

Thrifting is a major part of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and pre-loved items are of high appeal to many a person. Vintage clothing and jewelry. Hand-me-down toys. Antique furniture. What's old is new again. And that's all fun and games until your house becomes inundated with so many "gently" used items that you find yourself nearing the brink of hoarder status. That's generally when you fill up some boxes and make a donation to your local Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. Well, a similar method applies to your cars-only on a much larger scale. These trusty (or rusty) old treasures are just taking up space in your driveway, aren't they? Think outside the box (or the garage, if you will) because a vehicle donation has a much bigger impact than a box of old sweaters. And what better time to clear out the area than on National Old Stuff Day? Cleveland car donations are the best way to rid yourself of superfluous equipment while serving your community at the same time. And you get a tax write-off, so it's a total win-win. Any questions? We have answers.

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What kind of vehicles will you accept?

We'll take pretty much any kind of vehicle. Boats, RVs, motorcycles, cars and/or trucks. All acceptable and highly encouraged. Got any airplanes lying around? We'll take 'em. They don't even have to run. If you have the title, we'll take the item. We're not picky.

Where does the money go?

All auction proceeds benefit Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and our programs and services like sheltering the homeless, job training and veterans' programs in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and the 88 surrounding Ohio counties.

When is the best time to donate?

How about now? Today IS National Old Stuff Day, after all, so schedule a pick-up ASAP. And yes, you read us correctly. We'll come tow it away for you. You're doing your part to help your community, so let us do the heavy lifting. Fill out our online form, or call (800) 862-6030 and we'll help you set up your. It's that simple. You can also come to our center and donate in person. Just make sure you have the title and you're good to go!

Did we mention it's tax deductible?

Well it is! In fact, your write-off amount could potentially be even greater than the amount you'd be able to sell it for. For more info, just call 1-800-862-6030 or visit the Internal Revenue Service at www.IRS.gov.

We can't think of a better way to celebrate National Old Stuff day. A Cleveland car donation benefits areas all over Ohio, so you can feel good about clearing out your garage and great about serving your community. Like we said, win-win.