Follow the Stars: Celebs Who Have Donated Cars

“Stars: they’re just like us!” They donate their cars for causes close to their hearts. Super celebs like Zac Efron, Sheryl Crow and Lady Gaga have all donated their automobiles as a major contribution to their communities. Check out their inspiring stories and follow their lead when you donate your car in Cleveland.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron thought of a creative way to raise money for children with life-threatening diseases. The actor conducted a raffle where contestants could enter for a chance to win his own very first car. All proceeds from the raffle went straight to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The minimum $10 entry donation not only gave contestants the chance of winning Efron’s car, but also the opportunity to test drive it and hang out with the star in Los Angeles. In the end, he raised $165K for the cause!

Sheryl Crow

Devastating tornados in 2011 caused massive damage to several schools in Joplin, Missouri, and singer Sheryl Crow was compelled to contribute. The singer donated her 1959 Mercedes Benz 190 SL to be auctioned off; proceeds from the auction went to the Joplin Schools Recovery fund. Crow said she’d be happy if it sold for $100,000; it sold for $143,000 ($130,000 of that went straight to the fund). Sheryl Crow’s donation started a trend. The winners of the auction gave an additional $130,00 to help the city of auction. The large sum given to Joplin all started with Crow’s car donation!


Lady Gaga

Mega star Lady Gaga also saw the value in making a contribution. She donated her 1990 Rolls Royce Corniche III, the car in which she was driven to an appearance at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC in 2012, to be put up for auction; benefitting a cause dear to her heart, the MusiCares foundation. MusiCare provides support to musicians in need of personal, medical, and financial assistance. The car was estimated to be worth about $30,000–$50,000 at the time of donation.

Now It’s Your Turn

You don’t have to be a famous actor or a rock star to be a local celebrity. An automobile donation to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio could be enough to grant you that feeling of celebrity status. Donate your car in Cleveland and Columbus metro areas to help a great cause. The money from your donation will go toward services that support local veterans, children, and families in need. Your local community will thank you (and so will the generous tax deduction).

Fringe Benefits

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