5 Dramatic Thrift Store Transformations

Columbus, Ohio - Unbelievable thrift store transformations that you HAVE to see to believe. These DIY bloggers and artists make the impossible possible.

The Volunteers of America thrift stores around Columbus, Ohio are full of gently used items just waiting to be discovered.

For the DIY champions out there, sometimes inspiration comes easiest after seeing what others have done. Simply seeing what's possible can be enough to get your creative juices flowing and psych you up to take on a project that you'll love for years to come.

So if you're ready to tackle a new project, check these projects out before you head out to one of our Columbus, Ohio thrift stores and be inspired and get working!

5 normal thrift store items that got extreme makeovers and became works of art

1. Bedside Table Turned Rolling Printer Cart

If you follow Megan from The Homes I Have Made, then you know just how crafty she can be. Megan knows that "elbow grease, paint, and creativity can go a long way from turning a curb-side castoff into an apartment treasure!" And that's exactly what she did with this old bedside table.

After making some small structural changes, priming, painting and adding four casters to the bottom of the cart, her mobile printing cart was ready for its debut. The small shelves from the nightstand now serve as the home to the family's paper, envelopes, printer paper and extra ink.

See the full process in action.

2. Fall Frock Turned Beige Brunch Dress

Jullian from ReFashionista knows a thing or two about transforming unfashionable thrift store clothing into enviable outfits. After a poll posed to her Facebook page, she landed on transforming a shapeless beige maternity frock into something completely different.

After cutting the sleeves off, taking out the front pleat, giving it a new hem, using the scraps to form a makeshift belt and draping the sleeves over the new front knot, Jullian had a new beige fall dress perfectly suited for the warm autumn weather.

See the transformation in action.

3. Repurposed Bed Turned Charming Bench

Lindsay from My Creative Days is all about repurposing one furniture piece to make an entirely different one, so when she found the pieces to an old, ornate bed frame at a thrift store, her creative wheels started turning.

"The bed did have amazing detail, but it kind of gets lost with the dated finish on it. I knew this would look so much better painted white, but first we had to figure out how to make it a bench."

After attaching the headboard to the footboard, adding some support pieces to the sides, fashioning the seat board, adding the trim pieces to cover the ends of the seat board, the new bench was ready for a fresh paint job.

After distressing the piece with sand paper to further accentuate the details, the bench transformation was complete! From thrift store bed to charming bench!

See the complete project now.

4. Curbside Dresser Turned Into a Bar

Not all transformational pieces have to come from the thrift store. Sometimes items are left out on the curb, free for the taking. When the stars align just right, there are treasures to be had.

Another transformation from Lindsay at My Creative Days involves a dresser found at the curb getting transformed into a bar.

With the help of her husband, Matt, Lindsay removed all the shelves and then converted an old cabinet door to be the shelf that the wine glasses would hang from. After installing the shelves and glass holders, the whole piece got a fresh paint job.

To create a space for ice storage, Lindsay built a wooden box out of reclaimed wood, placed a disposable aluminum pan inside the box and voila! The bar was stocked with ice and ready to house all the barware.

See the transformation here.

5. Vintage Suitcase Turned Storage Table

Georgia, the creative mind behind ArtsyVava knows how to transform a pile of unused garage storage into something both practical and beautiful. After unearthing an old table missing its glass top in the garage, the piece was ripe for a transformation.

After finding a bright red, vintage suitcase in prime condition, Georgia decided to affix it to the base of the table using a staple gun. By using a rope wrapped around the base of the suitcase, the gap created at the corners of the table was covered up and the visual effect was perfectly fitting.

The suitcase still opens and can serve as storage space while doubling as a decorative tabletop above.

See how they did it here.

Find items to transform in Columbus thrift stores near you

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