Donate Your Car to Honor Veterans

This Veterans Day, honor veterans in a practical way by donating your car to Volunteers of America to support veteran's services and housing programs.

Today we honor America today by recognizing the men and women who serve to protect the freedoms we have today. This is a day where the nation stands collectively to say, "thank you for your service."

At Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, we've been offering targeted veterans' programs since 1992 and are currently the leading human services provider to homeless veterans in the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton metro areas. It is with a humble heart that we say thank you for the support you've shown us. We pledge to continue the work we've been called to do by serving the most vulnerable in our society.

One practical way to show your support for our nation's veterans this year is to donate your car, truck, van or automobile. Find out how far your support will go to help veterans all across Ohio when you donate your car.

How far does the money from car donations go?

Donated automobiles are sold at the Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio Auto Auction every two weeks in downtown Columbus. On a micro level, the funds from one car can fund 10 days of housing and services for a homeless veteran. Over the course of an entire year, your car donation can help nearly 2,900 homeless men and women veterans receive housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment.

The more vehicles we receive (especially ones with some life left in them), the more money we can raise through the auction. Your car donations have a very tangible impact on the well-being of veterans in Ohio.

What veterans' programs are funded by car donations in Ohio?

Our main programs for veterans revolve around homeless prevention, affordable housing, employment services, and treatment services. Along with nationwide initiatives like The Home Depot Foundation and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, we are seeking to end homelessness among veterans in our state.

"In five years the number of homeless veterans dropped 35%. And the number of unsheltered homeless veterans was nearly cut in half. Houston, New Orleans and San Antonio boasted an end to veteran homelessness."

Imagine if Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo were on that list of cities that have ended veteran homelessness. Your auto donations help make that goal more attainable.

How much money is raised from a single car donation?

The average car at auction sells for $850. The need is great for veterans services and that means we need a lot of car donations!

We receive federal grants and monetary donations from our generous donors, and additionally, donating your used vehicle is an easy and practical way to impact thousands of lives. While we do receive an uncanny amount of Ford Tauruses from the early 2000s, we are glad to accept new cars, used cars, boats, airplanes, mowers, motorcycles, scooters and practically anything with a motor.

Not only will the value of your tax break be greater than the value you'd receive on a trade-in, the process is much easier.

How can I donate my car in Ohio?

Donating your car helps veterans in need. Today on Veterans Day, of all days, we should take time to give thanks and honor them in big and small ways.

Proceeds from your auto donations shelter the homeless, support families in need, and help veterans get back on their feet. To donate your car means to help others in need.

Here's three easy ways to donate:

  • Online: fill out this online form, and we'll contact you directly to arrange a pickup. Then we'll tow away your car for free.
  • By Phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the donation process.
  • In Person: Make your way to downtown Columbus and all you have to do is drop off your vehicle with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.