Donate your car or give back in a way that’s as creative as you

At Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, we believe you should give back in your own way — we call it,  “DIY: Creative Giving.” Getting involved isn’t about how you do it; it’s about why you do it. So, whether you donate your car, clothes, time or money all that matters is that you’re helping those in need.

When you donate your car to Volunteers of America you’re helping struggling men, women, children and families in your community. But, if Ohio car donation isn’t for you but you’d like to help, we have plenty of ways for you to get involved.

  • Brightening Birthdays™ — We have a number of homeless children or children at risk of becoming homeless in our housing programs. Help make their birthday brighter by volunteering or giving supplies.
  • Strengthen your community — Get involved with one our community services or events.
  • Give hope — Be a part of Faces of Hope, an annual breakfast that raises money for individuals, children and veterans in need.
  • Collecting wishes — Most of the men, women, children and families that come off of the street and into one of our programs generally don’t have the basic, day-to-day items. By collecting items on this list, you can help these individuals who need it most.
  • Housewarming help — For individuals and families in our program who are transitioning from our housing programs to life on their own, supplying some of these common household items can relieve a whole lot of stress.
  • Holiday gifts — The holidays is around the corner; donate coats, hats, gloves, scarves and more to help homeless veterans, adults and children stay warm this winter. You can also donate gifts or adopt a family during the holiday season.


Some creative ways you can make a difference outside of Ohio car donation

In addition to the programs we have in place, get your “Creative Giving”-juices flowing with some of these ways you can give back.

  • Share what you know with others — Lots of after-school programs, care centers and mentorships programs are always looking for individuals to help. Even if what you know is something as simple as tying shoes to something as advanced as speaking another language, you can help children, adults and seniors in your community just by spending time with them.
  • Collect clothes to donate — Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement. The next time you’re planning to donate overgrown or gently used clothes, shoes or accessories to your local Volunteers of America donation location, ask your friends, family and coworkers if you can pick up any of their unwanted items to donate along with yours. Simply taking care of the pick-up and drop-off for others is enough to motivate them to clean out their dresser drawers or closet.
  • Give back with a group — Organizing a team of coworkers or friends to volunteer or donate can be especially empowering. Putting your heads together to think of ways to give back that are important to each and every one of you can result in some really great ideas. Working together as a team is a great bonding experience, especially with colleagues — it can be a fun team building activity.
  • Take to social media — For every “like” or “favorite” donate $1, for example, to Volunteers of America. Be prepared, however, to donate quite a bit of money — efforts like these have been known to go viral. So, if you don’t have hundreds to contribute, this would be great idea for a larger business using the company’s social account(s).

How Ohio car donation works

When you donate your car to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, you’re helping to fund programs and services that provide hope to struggling individuals, veterans, children and families in the communities we serve. Ohio car donation is hassle-free with four simply ways to donate — online, by phone, by mail or in person. Call 1 (800) 862-6030 to schedule a time for pick-up or send/drop off your clear title at our West Broad location in Columbus. We also offer free, same-day towing in all 88 Ohio counties.

You can call (614) 253-6100 or email for general questions or more ways for you to get involved.