Donate your car in Cincinnati and make a real difference

Three reasons why Volunteers of America is more than a thrift store

Cincinnati is no stranger to thrift stores, but what really sets Volunteers of America's thrift stores apart is that we use all of your donations and purchases to provide relief to the least fortunate among us. In other words, we believe in thrifting with purpose.

Are you looking to donate something a little bigger, like a car? Volunteers of America's Donate My Car program funds many of our services. When you donate your vehicle (we also take RVs, tractors, motorcycles, boats, and pretty much anything with a motor), you are helping support these crucial programs in your community.

Here are a few of the specialized programs and services that make Volunteers of America a one-of-a-kind organization worthy of your donations — of all kinds.

Support for all veterans

As the leading human services provider to homeless veterans in the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton metro areas, we serve more than 1,800 veterans in Ohio each year, offering them transitional, emergency and permanent housing, treatment programs (for veterans with mental health and addiction needs), job training and more.

Did you know that across the country, assistance for homeless female veterans is especially lacking? We work hard to fill crucial gaps for our female veterans and are able to refer those with special needs to mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.

Residential Reentry

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides residential reentry clinical treatment programs to rehabilitate individuals recently released from prison and help them become productive members of the community. Our services include intensive case management, group and individual counseling, substance abuse counseling, job-readiness, skill development and referrals to community resources. The goal is to provide former prisoners in the program with the skills to succeed and the tools to build strong family relationships and positive support systems.

Housing for people with mental health needs

An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans 18 years old and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Some are diagnosed and treated, while others suffer alone, in silence. This is why we work hard to show Ohioans struggling with mental health issues that there's support available to help them get back on their feet.

We do this by connecting people with affordable housing, intensive care in adult care facilities licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and residential treatment programs.

Search "donate my car" to find out how you can help

Thrifting is an easy and fun way to save money and give away the stuff you don't use anymore. Everything you purchase and/or donate helps, but most especially car donations. Everything we sell at our thrift stores supports our service programs.

Call us for a free home pick-up at 800-873-4505, or email us at You can also contact the Car Donation & Auction Office at 800-862-6030, or fill out the car donation form for more information.