Christmas Gifts Found at Thrift Shops in Cleveland

It seems like every year, your list of people to give Christmas gifts to keeps growing. Between the kids, friends, and your extended family that keeps growing and growing—you may need to scale back on how much you're spending per person. Luckily, Volunteers of America's thrift shops in Cleveland can help. We've put together this list of thrift gifts that they'll never suspect cost you so little.

1.Mug gifts

Mugs are aplenty at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. You can grab holiday themed mugs, monogrammed mugs, funny mugs, or even blank mugs to customize yourself. Fill with holiday candies, cookies, or small gifts. Add tissue paper and a bow and you have the perfect gift for holiday guests, the mailman, your children's teachers, and more.

2. Home décor

Rustic chic décor has never been more popular. You can find the perfect gift for the interior designer on your list at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. Browse vintage furniture pieces, vases, frames, mirrors, and even artwork. Wrap in brown paper and tie with twine to complete the look.

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3. Vintage Records

A record player, itself, may be on the list of things you are expected to give this year. Make sure your loved one has some awesome music to play in their vintage piece. The best throwback tunes, complete with their original artwork, are available for you, for less than you would expect.

4. Sports Jerseys

The sports enthusiast on your list will be blown away at how you scored a vintage jersey that may not even be in rotation any longer. Professional football, basketball, baseball and soccer jerseys are waiting for you to discover. Find your fan's favorite collegiate team jersey, tee shirt, or sweatshirt and take the gift even further. Our thrift shops in Cleveland offer vintage golf clubs, tennis rackets and more. Show the sports fan on your list how much you get them.

5. Books

Does anything beat that old book smell? A true book lover will say, "no way!" With literature becoming so digitized, the reader on your list will truly appreciate a stack of good reads, this holiday season. Choose from romantic novels, classic literature, comic books and more. Stack the books on top of each other, tie with ribbon and top with a bow.

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6. Vintage Jewelry

Who doesn't love one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces? Knock off several people on your Christmas list by shopping at our thrift stores where a filled jewelry case awaits you. Rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more are dying to be discovered. Place these pieces in a jewelry box for a perfect stocking stuffer.

The holidays don't have to be troublesome, no matter how long your giving list is. When you shop at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio's thrift shops in Cleveland, not only are you saving money, but you're continuing the spirit of the holiday by giving back to your community. The homeless, mentally ill, and our nation's veterans are all impacted when you choose to shop with us.