Cleveland car donation provides art therapy to veterans in need

Therapy — of any kind — is beneficial to those dealing with emotional, cognitive, and physical disabilities. Individuals that are frequently impacted by such issues are veterans. Art therapy, for example, is one type of therapy that proves successful time and time again. With your support, through such things as Cleveland car donation, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is able to provide these valued resources to struggling veterans in the community.

Art therapy gives an outlet to veterans with mental illnesses

Of the millions of men and women who have spent time in war zones, 30 percent experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). In addition, roughly half of Vietnam veterans, for example, have experienced “clinically serious stress reaction symptoms,” according to the Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs, while one in five veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq experience PTSD specifically.

When plagued by these types of stress disorders, individuals tend to isolate themselves to avoid triggers that may cause flashbacks, nightmares, distress, severe physical symptoms, etc. Due to this, they are less likely to seek professional help; the American Psychological Association reports “that only 30 percent of veterans with PTSD or depression seek help.”

It can be difficult to help individuals who don’t want it, which is why it’s important to offer a wide variety of programs. One in particular, as stated above, is art therapy, successful in part because it provides the afflicted with a creative outlet through drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art forms. Art therapy is useful to those who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and emotions, which many veterans experience. Art therapy helps to reduce pain, anxiety, and tension for individuals coping with either physical or mental disorders. It’s especially beneficial to those with PTSD, as it allows the withdrawn to execute creative expression.

Volunteers of America restores hope through Cleveland car donation

Volunteers of America has been providing targeted veterans’ programs since 1992, leading the way among human service providers in the major metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. As a result, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is able to make a positive impact on the lives of some 1,800 annually. In conjunction with housing programs, Volunteers of America offers treatment programs that help veterans recovering from/dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, as well as those diagnosed with chronic mental disorders or who have been diagnosed with both.

These veteran services and programs are made possible through generous contributions such as Cleveland car donation. Instead of worrying about having to sell or trade your automobile, donate it! By donating your vehicle, you may receive a higher value as a charitable contribution on your tax return. When your vehicle (car, truck, RV, motorcycle, boat, lawn mower, etc.) is sold at auction, all proceeds go to the Volunteers of America programs that rebuild lives and provide hope to these veterans.

Donating your vehicle is quick, easy and hassle-free. In addition to free, same-day towing, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio offers three simple ways to donate. You can donate your vehicle online, over the phone or by mail. Complete the online form or call 1-800-225-0732 and Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio will contact you to schedule a pick-up. You can also mail your clear title to 5640 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43228.

Cleveland car donation comforts, supports, and, it turns out, supplies a creative outlet to the many Ohio veterans who are suffering from mental disorders such as PTSD.