Cincinnati car donation provides continued support for veterans

The federal government pledges to honor veterans through increased funding.

In a speech to the American Legion on Aug. 27, Vice President Joe Biden pledged that the federal government will continue to honor and support soldiers and their families both during deployment and after they return home.

“We have a lot of obligations as a nation. We only have one sacred obligation, only one truly sacred obligation and that’s to equip and support those who we send to war and care for and protect them and their families when they return from war,” Biden told the crowd of thousands of veterans and their families.

According to the Associated Press, Biden specified increased budgets, improved medical care and better efforts to bring veterans into the workforce as examples of the support he and President Obama’s administration have committed.

He said the federal government is pledging $100 million to fund new research on post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Biden added that the Department of Veterans Affairs’, a partner of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, budget has been increased by more than 40 percent.

A recent grant will target female veterans and veterans with families.

As more and more soldiers return home as jobless and even homeless veterans, the time is critical to honor our country’s “one sacred obligation”.

At Volunteers of America, we will soon be expanding our veteran employment services in Cincinnati with a focus on homeless female veterans and veterans with families thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Case managers will work with clients to overcome employment barriers and find jobs. The program will operate out of the SuperJobs Center, a one-stop employment center in Hamilton County, and hopes to serve 100 individuals in its first year.

Help Cincinnati veterans get back on the track to independence.

But we still need your help. In order to continue to serve Cincinnati veterans, we rely on auto donations from neighbors like you.

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