Celebrate our differences at the Tolerance Fair of Northeast Ohio

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio inspires giving back.

Intolerance toward the homeless community is a widespread issue. Oftentimes, people look down on the homeless without truly understanding or even considering the circumstances that surround their situation. The “they deserve this” mentality is all too common. However, in reality, so many in Ohio are living on tight budgets and one misfortune, medical issue or unexpected expense could lead to eviction and homelessness. This is especially true for those without a strong family or friend support system.

Because acceptance is so important to the populations we serve, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio is participating in the 2013 Tolerance Fair at the I-X Center in Cleveland. The event hosts over 100 charity and advocacy groups, all with the goal to:

  • Show the importance of understanding others’ differences
  • Highlight ways in which people can make a difference by giving back to their community
  • Highlight resources available to people who need help to manage their differences
  • Showcase that Northeast Ohio is filled with cities inspired to create tolerant and accepting living environments

In addition to seeing inspirational speakers and performances, you will have the opportunity to play basketball and soccer in a wheel chair and participate in a number of interactive activities that will give you the chance to experience what it is like to navigate the world with different challenges.

Kyle Maynard, a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, athlete and author of the book No Excuses, will deliver the keynote. The Tolerance Fair is free to the public with free parking, as well. Make sure you stop by the Volunteers of America booth and show your support for Ohio’s homeless.