Car Donations Support Job Training for Vets

Find out how donating cars in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati gives hope.

One in five homeless adults is a veteran

What would life be like to never know where the next meal is coming from or where your next bed might be? What if you desperately wanted to earn a living but your skills weren't recognized in the corporate world? These are the challenges facing tens of thousands of homeless veterans every day. They have no one to turn to, so they go to the streets. The cycle of unemployment frequently begins with a lack of necessary job-readiness skills. In an effort to break this cycle, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio provides job-readiness and training services to help veterans reach self-sufficiency through long-term employment. All of our programs are changing lives with the support of neighbors like you. Keep reading or click here to find out how you can donate your vehicle in 75 Ohio counties, including cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and support veterans in need.

Employment and job training for veterans in Ohio

Our job-readiness and training programs help the veterans we serve find and maintain stable employment. The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program includes services like:

Job-readiness skill development
Resume writing
Job searching
Placement and coaching
Career clothing
Transportation assistance
Referrals to community resources

All of these services add up to one huge boost for all of the clients assisted by Volunteers of America. We provide the most important aspects of a successful job hunt to stop the cycle of joblessness. Check out our Employment Resource Center in Columbus and our Veterans Resource Center in Cleveland. Your donation for charity is a lifeline for all of the programs and services that we provide.  

Patriot Packaging provides employment 

Patriot Packaging is a social initiative and supportive employment program striving to provide constructive, realistic job development opportunities for veterans. In the program, manufacturers contract with Patriot Packaging for skilled jobs such as assembly, packaging and inspection. The four-phase program helps veterans take pride in their work and gain the skills they need in order to move into long-term, competitive employment. 

How to donate your vehicle to Volunteers of America 

These critical programs need help from neighbors like you to continue providing services to those in need. By donating your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV to Volunteers of America, you're giving someone a new shot at life. You could even receive a higher value for your vehicle as a charitable contribution than you would selling or trading it on the market. We make donating quick and hassle-free with three easy ways to donate.

  1. Fill out the simple form below.
  2. Bring your clear title to 5640 West Broad St., Columbus, Ohio, 43228.
  3. Mail your clear title to 5640 West Broad St., Columbus, Ohio, 43228.

We’ll take almost anything with a motor, even if it hasn't run in years. We even offer free same-day towing. It's that simple. Every tax-deductible car donation to Volunteers of America helps substantially in allowing us to achieve our fundraising goals every year in all of the Ohio communities we serve, like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. Consider donating your unwanted car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV to Volunteers of America, and make a positive impact on the lives of Ohio's veterans.