Your Car Donation Can Support Ohio's Homeless

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Confronting homelessness in Ohio one story at a time.

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio strives to end the shocking numbers of homeless in the state through supportive services and outreach services. Once Volunteers of America engages a homeless family or individual, we stay with them for as long as it takes to return them to self-sufficiency. We provide assistance ranging from paying a first month's rent to offering permanent supportive housing to assist those with disabilities in becoming both stable and productive members of their communities. But we can't do it alone, your donation of a car or truck aids us in providing the following services.

Volunteers of America engages the homeless with street outreach.

Picture having no access to basic, critical needs. No food, no running water, nowhere to sleep. Now compound that devastation with sheer loneliness—no one to turn to, no one to trust. At Volunteers of America, our trained staff members canvas the streets where homeless individuals congregate to establish trust and link them with community resources. By engaging homeless individuals we are able to offer them blankets, clothing, food and transportation to shelter services. According to the 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, there were 337 homeless families in Cleveland and 461 homeless families in Columbus in 2016.

Emergency shelters in Ohio lead to self-sufficiency.

The key to meeting the basic needs of the homeless is providing safe and temporary emergency shelter. By supplying clients with a warm bed, hot meals and clothing, they can focus on obtaining stable housing and employment rather than day-to-day survival. We also provide homeless veterans, men and families with various supportive services and referrals to community resources. Families that were once on the streets can stay in furnished apartments as they prepare to take their next steps toward a fulfilling life.

Transitional housing helps Ohio's heroes.

Men and veterans forgotten by and disconnected from society often turn to Volunteers of America as a last resort. Here, we are able to introduce them to our transitional housing program that offers a long-term, structured environment complete with supportive services for clients working toward self-sufficiency. We offer supportive services including case management, employment counseling, life skills training, assistance with securing benefits and referrals for substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling.

The veterans who served this nation are, ironically, some of the most needy. They are home, yet homeless. We provide specialized transitional housing services to address their unique needs with supportive services that offer a stable environment and help them move into independent housing. We also serve veterans with special needs by providing mental health treatment programs such as intensive case management, clinical treatment and peer support. These cutting edge approaches result in the successful integration of thousands of homeless veterans back into the community.

Permanent supportive housing assists families.

Finally, Volunteers of America offers affordable housing for homeless families with a disability as well as supportive services to help families maintain their current housing. Our goal is to offer families stable housing with the opportunity to move into independent housing and obtain meaningful employment.

Help Ohio's homeless with your car donation.

You can help Ohio's homeless by donating your car or truck.

You can help Volunteers of America achieve its mission to assist those who need it most in our community. You can easily help by donating your time through volunteering, by making a financial donation or by donating your car, truck or auto to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.

Every tax-deductible car donation to Volunteers of America helps substantially in allowing us to achieve our fundraising goals every year in all of the Ohio communities we serve. Donating your car is easy. Start with filling out our online form or calling (800) 225-0732. We will then tow your donated vehicle for free. When you donate your car or truck to Volunteers of America you are directly helping veterans and families here in Columbus, Cleveland and throughout Greater Ohio.

Please consider donating your unwanted vehicle to Volunteers of America, and make a positive impact on the lives of Ohio's homeless.