Behind the Scenes of the Car Donation Fairy Campaign

Who will help Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio get people to donate a car? The Car Donation Fairy.

It has long been the mission of the Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio car donation program to steward the funds raised to help struggling men, women, children and families in our communities. That mission remains and we are ever motivated to push the level of service that we can provide to those most vulnerable in our society.

This summer, we started to think outside the box about how to increase awareness about our auto donation program and how to get people to remember Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio when the time is right to donate.

An Idea is Born

How do we let more people know about our auto donation program? How do we make it easy to donate? And how do we make it awesome?

The idea hit us like a flash: The Car Donation Fairy.

We realized we should make donating a car a magical experience. We could make the process so easy, rewarding and fun that supernatural enchantments must be involved.

So how did we do it? Here's a behind-the-scenes look of how we brought the Car Donation Fairy to life.

The Creative Process

We began with a storyboard to map out what would eventually become a 30-second TV commercial.

After we had a rough outline of the action, it was time to write the script.


When the casting process was complete, it was time to bring the Car Donation Fairy to Life!

After the video shoot was complete, it was time for professional photographs to be taken.

Next came the editing phase where we took all the raw footage and honed it down to the final product.

We hope you love the Car Donation Fairy as much as we do!

Ready to donate a car? We'll tow it for free and you can even get a pretty lil' tax writeoff.

If it's got a motor – we'll take it. From cars, trucks, lawnmowers and snowmobiles to airplanes and beyond, we want you to donate it!

It's easy peasy to get started. Here's a few ways to donate a car:

  • Just fill out this simple form and we'll come tow it for FREE.
  • Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the process.
  • If you happen to be in Columbus, you can drop off your car (with a clean title) at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228

*Special thanks to our production partners on this campaign that helped bring the Car Donation Fairy to life: Cement Marketing, Heyman Talent, Matt Reese Photography and Sway the Crowd Productions.