​All the reasons you should consider donating to Volunteers of America thrift stores in Cleveland

Spoiler: Not all thrift stores in Cleveland are created equal

When hip-hop artist Macklemore rapped about the "awesome" pleasures of thrifting in his 2013 hit single, "Thrift Shop," he name-checked a few of the bargains one can find secondhand — from gator shoes and leopard mink to Pro Wings and Gucci T-shirts.

It's true, you never know quite what you are going to find when you step into your local VOAGO thrift store. But chances are you will find something you value. And, more importantly, your purchase will be of value to the greater Cleveland community.

Irresistible bargains — for a great cause

Thrift stores are shops that sell donated and gently used clothes, shoes, housewares, and more. When you shop at Volunteers of America, your money goes directly toward helping homeless veterans, underprivileged kids and many others in need.

Here are a few things that set Volunteers of America apart from other thrift stores:

  • All proceeds support our programs and services that help those in need.
  • About 3,000-4,000 new items are added to the sales floor each day, and 80 percent of the merchandise on the sales floor is $2.99 or less. No item is on the sales floor for longer than six weeks.
  • Interested in car donation? Vehicles, as you probably already guessed, are not sold on the sales floor but rather at auction. All proceeds from Ohio car donation help provide addiction support, reading programs, shelter for the homeless, job training and veteran programs.
  • At VOA thrift stores, you will find items as diverse as picture frames, glassware, pots and pans, gently used bedding, curtains and drapes, musical instruments, craft supplies, small household appliances, tools, sports equipment, bicycles and vehicles.
  • However, you won't find larger household appliances, electronics or furniture (so, no washers and dryers, refrigerators, televisions or mattresses, for instance).
  • The best time to go thrifting is undoubtedly the last Tuesday of each month — aka Half-Price Tuesday, when almost everything is 50 percent off its original price.
  • It's easy to make a difference — just clean out your cupboards, drawers, closets and garages — and donate any unwanted or unused items to VOA. Better yet, replace those items with gently used, but new to you, bargains you find at the thrift store.

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Visit to your local VOA store and thrift with a purpose

Thrifting is a great way to save money, and an even better way to give away the stuff that you don't use anymore. Everything you purchase and/or donate helps. Once you are ready to part with that dress you wore once to a wedding (and haven't looked at it again), we can sell it at one of our 11 thrift stores, and the sale then helps support VOA's service programs. Call us for a free home pick-up at 800-873-4505. Or email us at askthrift@voago.org.

Search "donate my car" to find out other ways you can help

Do you have a vehicle that has been sitting idly in your garage, driveway, or in a storage facility? How about a boat, RV, tractor, or motorcycle (practically anything with a motor)? Donate it to VOA! We'll arrange free same-day towing, and what's more, you might even end up making more off of your vehicle as a tax-deductible donation than you would from selling it on the market.

If you have any questions, contact the Car Donation & Auction Office at 440-232-9300, or fill out the car donation form.