A Thrift Store Guide to Cleaning Your House and Declutter Your Home

" The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" taught us all to get rid of the things that don't bring us joy. But what exactly does "getting rid" and "tiding up" look like? If you're interested in making a difference in Columbus, consider donating your unwanted items to one or our Columbus thrift stores, or partake in our auto donation program. You will not only bring someone else joy, but will be helping to support our community building programs. With that in mind, are you ready to get organized? Here's how to decide what to give and what to truly discard.


Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift stores accept most used clothing in good condition. If you've decided some of your wardrobe no longer brings you joy, consider donating it before throwing it out. While you're tidying up, take a look at all of the closets in your home. Men, women, children and baby clothing are all available for donation and for purchase. Specific clothing items you should look to donate include coats and jackets, shoes, and even jewelry. Rest easy knowing that your home is neat and you're positively impacting the community.

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While decluttering, be sure to make your way to the garage. If you have anything with a motor that is taking up space in your life, you can get a tax write-off and a free tow. Even better, we'll take your vehicle whether no matter its condition–even if it hasn't ran in years. These donations go a long away in supporting Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio's mission.

Knick Knacks

You've cleaned out the closets, you've cleared out the garage, but what about all of those little things that have amassed to the real clutter in your home? We'll take those too! When it comes to knick-knacks collecting dust and bumming you out, we're happy to find them a happy home.

What sorts of knick knacks do Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift stores accept?

  • Pictures
  • Paintings
  • Wall décor
  • Toys
  • Tools
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Blankets
  • Sheets

Check out our full list of items that can be donated to see if Volunteers of America will rehome it for you.

De-cluttering sounds exciting, but once you get started, it may be hard to part with some of the things that have seemed to blend in with your home. Try to keep in mind that reorganization is a positive mental health activity, and donating to Volunteers of America in Columbus, Ohio is a selfless act that positively impacts your community. Find a thrift store to donate to today, and let's get cleaning!