14 Major Thrift Shop Wins From Volunteers of America Thrift Stores Around Ohio

Here's a collection of some of the best thrift store finds from all over Ohio. From bacon cookers to signed Spice Girls photos – we've seen it all!

One of the best tips for heading into a thrift shop is to keep an open mind and your eyes peeled for unique items because you never know what will turn up. The following 14 items were found at Volunteers of America thrift stores all over Ohio and we are so glad these shoppers documented their finds on Instagram for all of us to see.

Check out the hilarious, bizarre and share-worthy items that these thrift shoppers found!

1.The Chewbacca Hoodie to Rule all Chewbacca Hoodies

via @gatordavesafari

2.The Autographed Spice Girls Photo from 1996

via @misswestwood22

3.The Ultimate Gift for the Bacon Lover in Your Life

via @thadaclese

4.The Last Parenting Book You'll Ever Need

via @mrs.wallambasick

5.The Ron Burgundy Starter Kit

via @seligmansdog

6.The Quintessential Bread Baker's Guide to 1990's Food Photography

via @marbeegee

7.The Koala Bear That Found Its Doppelgänger

via @brian_langan

8.The Hamster Wheel for Dogs

via @egghacks

9.The Thrifty Bride's Wedding Party Wardrobe

via @awksymoron

10. The 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger Docudrama in its VHS Glory

via @apartment5f

11. The $39 "New Me" Value Pack

via @blondie.clj

12. The Space Boots from Mars

via @cassyiel

13. The "Last Hope" Typewriter When the Wifi's Out but the Essay's Still Due

via @sethgray

14. The Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Party Jacket

via @nathanpaulmeyer

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