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10 Best Automotive Podcasts

Preparing to donate your car? This list of our top ten automotive podcasts will entertain, inform, and probably make you laugh out loud.

Finding information about cars just got so much easier—and a lot more fun. Maybe you love anything with an engine. Maybe you are looking for a new ride. Maybe you want to donate your car. Whatever the situation, listening in to any of these top ten automotive podcasts is sure to entertain and inform all your automotive inquiries.


1. Car Talk

Want to ask about (or whine) about your car woes? For decades, Car Talk has been making people all across the country tune into NPR to laugh about the relatable experience of having car trouble. It's been considered insightful and informative, while also hilarious. Their knowledge of cars empowers listeners to diagnose their car noises and walk confidently into the auto mechanic garage.

2. Smoking Tire

Interviews with automotive icons, professional drivers and industry leaders make Smoking Tire one of the best automotive podcasts. It keeps listeners up to date on automotive news, trends, races and anything else that has to do with cars today. Smoking Tire is for people who appreciate or love cars—and don't mind a little laughter. This automotive podcast keeps things interesting by talking about anything and everything that has to do with cars.

3. CarStuff

You can consider the CarStuff podcast as the science-loving fact-finder of automotive podcasts. The hosts discuss crash test dummies, the history of stoplights, the real talk about hybrid cars and everything in between, offering automotive education in an understandable way. CarStuff has been known to encourage listeners to educate themselves on their own cars while sharing overall insight about the technology and trends.

4. Everyday Driver

Through reviews and advice, Everyday Driver helps listeners in their search to find the right car. Callers share their car-search struggles, and the hosts debate with each other about what they think they right option will be. They are straight-forward with their opinions, so listeners get honest feedback about particular makes and models. If this podcast interests you because you're currently thinking about getting a new vehicle, you might also be wondering where to drop off your current car. You can consider the option to donate your car to Volunteers of America Greater Ohio.

5. CarCast

Even for those only somewhat interested in cars, the automotive podcast CarCast provides entertainment along with some education around the automotive industry. Some listeners tune in just to hear the hosts talk with their friends because they're that likable and engaging. With humor and expertise, the hosts invite guests and explore all aspects of the automotive industry, looking at new models as well as discussing fresh, custom-built vehicles.

6. Hooniverse

From the producer of the Smoking Tire podcast comes Hooniverse, another podcast devoted to chatting about cars. What's unique about Hooniverse, then? Cars are just the start of the conversation. Usually the podcast transitions to discussions about life, the universe, and a deep, unyielding love for beer. The hosts are enjoyable, fun and light-hearted, which makes it easy to subscribe and listen over and over again.

7. Autoblog

Self-described as "people who obsessively cover the auto industry," Autoblog automotive podcasts are considered one of the most up-to-date, accurate and consistent. Listeners look forward to the reviews and news that Autoblog provides, and are hooked to the information and entertainment that comes along with it.

8. Under The Hood

The Motor Medics® started airing a fun, automotive podcast, Under the Hood. These hosts have been sharing information since 1990 and continue their efforts with Under the Hood, providing insight on how listeners can understand their cars and save money at the mechanic. Yes! Listeners love this show because of its ability to address real issues and help people get the right fix for the right cost

9. Talking Cars

From the perspective of Consumer Reports' car testing staff, Talking Cars give their personal opinions about the cars they get to drive. They're credible, intelligent and honest, whether they love a car or despise it. For those of you who are looking for a new car, the Talking Cars automotive podcast can help you understand the car from the mouths of people who've actually driven it. And if you're in the market for a new car, of course you should look into the option to donate your car to the Volunteers of America.

10. MotorWeek

A beloved TV show since 1988, the MotorWeek podcast delivers the latest news on all things automotive. Every week for 30 minutes, the hosts share facts, opinions and safety concerns for new cars, helping listeners say up to date and informed about what's out there. The reviews are considered candid and comical, which keeps MotorWeek refreshing.

Ready to donate your car?

Now that you're on the inside track on all things automotive, you can use this knowledge to fix your car or find a new one. If the latter is on your to-do list, you can make the transition easy by deciding to donate your car to Volunteers of America Greater Ohio.

Proceeds from car donations help us support thousands of people in Ohio during their times of need.

Donating your car is simple. Here's three easy ways to begin:

  • Online: Just fill out our online form, and we'll contact you to schedule a convenient pickup time and we'll come tow it for FREE.
  • By phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the donation process.
  • In person: If you are passing through Columbus, you can drop off your car with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.