Financial Literacy

Helping Homeless Veterans Achieve Financial Stability

This free, 5-week course provides cash incentives for attendance and teaches homeless veterans how to manage money.

Volunteers of America of Indiana staff as well as volunteers from Old National Bank and partnering organizations teach subjects including budgeting and savings, credit/debit cards, building credit, account management, jobs and careers, ID theft, and more.

By the end of the course, homeless veterans who actively participate have a household budget, a plan to address their financial debts and obligations, and a savings account to save for future goals.

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  • Must be a veteran who is homeless, at-risk of becoming homeless, or formerly homeless.
  • Identification or paperwork verifying veteran status such as a driver’s license, VAMC card, DD-214 or letter of service.
  • Must have either a checking or savings account. However, if a potential participant does not have one an account can be set up with Old National Bank thanks to their partnership.

Course Incentives

  • $30 per class = $150
  • $50 for graduating the course (will receive these payments 3-5 days after completing the post-test)
  • $100 for attending 2 Follow-Up Tests
  • Total for completing the entire course: $300 (payment to students will be put into their checking/savings accounts)
Contact Stephanie Fulk for more information or to refer a client.
Phone: 317-617-2726